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Registered: ‎08-26-2011
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x120e Rapid boot

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is there a rapidboot download for an X120e? 


I found this for similar models like edge 120 / 125:


documentation below:


Any of the following ThinkPad systems running Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit.


Edge E120, Edge E125, Edge E220s, Edge E320, Edge E325
Edge E420, Edge E420s, Edge E520, Edge E525
L420, L421, L520
T420, T420i, T420s, T420si, T520, T520i
X1, X121e
X220, X220i, X220 Tablet, X220i Tablet


Additional Information
RapidBoot is a utility that reduces the operating system boot time of ThinkPads running Windows 7. A new service called HyperW7Svc is installed and set to automatic start.



Hope you can help me out.


Thanks in advance.



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Re: x120e Rapid boot

It should be the same package.
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Posts: 32
Registered: ‎08-26-2011
Location: Manila, Philippines

Re: x120e Rapid boot

i installed this and it doesnt work on my x120e. still takes 2-3 min to boot. any ideas on how to speed it up thru software?