Lenovo 200n Keyboard - caps lock inverted + other issues

Keyboard, N200



  • Caps lock inverted
  • Pressing number button showed no numbers
  • Selecting a file would automatically highlight all of the files

Faults occurred sometime after installing wireless printer. Computer left unattended. Son heard lots of beeping.


Caps lock worked but text was inverted which also resulted in no numbers. Selecting a file from a list resulted in all files above being selected.


Tried following but to no avail:

  • Restored to previous point
  • keyboard checked with MS diagnostic tool showed OK
  • Eventually keyboard stopped working (same with external USB keyboard) and it was impossible to restore using Recovery disc.
  • Memory and HDD checked and refitted.
  • Installed XP pro sp2, could not type numbers in product key
  • Clean installed Win 7
  • In Safe Mode – removed Norton leaving MS net 4, MS Silverlight, NVDIA driver.
  • System Trouble Shooting – No changes or updated necessary
  • System Restore – Error 0xC0003005


What i noticed:

  • Filter Key window appears sometimes.
  • Action Center – Richo memory stick controller incompatible, no card reader driver.
  • Can access msconfig but not mskey or msreg


What worked:

- Wireless mouse works


Machine info:

Lenovo 3000 200n 0769 BWG

Win 7 Pro build 7601 sp1    BIOS 68ET35ww (v3.03)

Keyboard std PS/2


In this case, new keyboard solved the problem.


What will not work:

Check the fault with an external usb keyboard does not isolate the laptop keyboard.


How to troubleshoot:

The only way to check if the keyboard is faulty is to disconnect the cable and then try with an external usb keyboard. If it now works the keyboard is faulty.


All you need is a small crosshead and flat screwdrivers and follow the instructions in the service video.