[G570]Fn button is not working

G570, Keyboard, Power Management


I have a Lenovo G570. I switched from windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit both of them) and I removed all the partitions. When I try to use the volume or brighness feature by pressing down the Fn key and the volume-up/down or the brightness, it wont work. I might have erased something I shouldn't have. How do I get my "Fn" key to work ?


To fix the issue, please install the following drivers:


1. The display driver available on lenovo consumer website.

If you have Intel display card then the version for the driver should be


2. Lenovo Energy Management Software, this can be download from the below web link:




Tip:  A hotkey driver in the Lenovo Energy Management which will fix the Funtion keys