My Thinkpad SL510 can only zoom in/ out instead of scrolling up and down

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After a couple hours of use, my laptop does this odd thing where I can no longer scroll on browsers, the touch pad, instead of scrolling up or down will only zoom in and out when attempting scroll, I won't be able to use any search boxes on my computer, everything I click on stays highlighted, every time I click in a browser it makes a new tab, and the only way I can solve it is to force shutdown. After turning it back on, it runs fine, but it usually happens again after a couple hours.


What can I do about this?


It appears as if your Ctrl key is either stuck or the system thinks it has been pressed. This symptom can ocasionally occur in Windows and typical manifests in conjunction  with one of the modifier keys: Ctrl or Alt.

If this happens, try tapping Ctrl and / or Alt to toggle their value on and off. This should clear any erroneously active modifier keys.