C20 C20x heatsinks for 130w TDP Xeon processors

CPU, Fans and Heatsinks


Was just thinking about whether the heatsink fans that come standard (including the lower profile cpu 2 heatsink fan, are adequate for 130w processors? The parts list seems to suggest the fans can only handle 95w processors, but the x5680 and x5690 are 130w and listed as compatible with the C20 and C20x. Does anyone know officially?


Heatsinks for the 130W CPUs are vastly different.  The improved design is required for the additional thermal output under stressful loads.


The FRU numbers for 130W units are 41R5730 for CPU1 and 41R5732 for CPU2.  The standard 95W fansinks are 41R5729 and 41R5731 respectively.



Here are the 130W heatsinks from the C20/C20x:



Here are the standard 95W fansinks: