External display shaking / flickering when on docking station

Displayport, Docking, How To


The external display is flicking when the laptop is on a docking station. Only a reboot will restore the screen back to normal.


Do ensure you have the following updated.


  • BIOS
  • Power Manager
  • Power Management Driver

Checklist items to troubleshoot/test


  • Check if cable is plugged in properly
  • Refresh rate set to 60Hz
  • Test different DisplayPort cable
  • Test different monitor

If all drivers have been updated and checklist items have been done but the issue still occur, do try the following.


  1. Open Power Manager
  2. Click Switch to: "Advance"
  3. Click "Global Power Settings" tab
  4. Battery Stretch -> Settings
  5. Uncheck "Decrease video color quality".
  6. Press Ok.

batt stretch.JPG


The external screen should not flicker now.




Please note that this is a temporary workaround as this issue is being escalated to engineering.