Blank screen after Bios Upgrade on X200

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Yesterday I used the Bios-iso to updated the bios on my x200.

Following the instructions given on the page [1]. After rebooting

the system, as asked by the Bios-update, the screen remains

blank. There is no beep or any sign of life on the screen.


Is there a way to fix this? Do I have to replace the motherboard, or

is it possible to fix it "cheaper"?





Occassionally, a system BIOS flash proceedure will not execute properly and a system may be hung in a black screen state. 


To reduce the chances of this, it is recommended that a system be rebooted prior to appying the BIOS update. (Cold boot if possible)


If the system is in this hung condition, it can often be recovered by clearing CMOS.


Proceedure 1:


  • Remove AC and System battery. 
  • Press and hold the power button several times (3-5 time) for a count of 5 seconds
  • Reconnect AC and press the power button - if system starts normally, shut down and insert the battery

Proceedure 2:


Remove the CMOS battery, and allow system to set for 30 mins.

Location of CMOS battery and instructions for removal can be found in the system hardware maintenance manuals.  Here is the link for the X200.




Location for hardware manual pdf download

Page 77