Y550P Win 7 64 bit Blue Screen problems - kernel module NETIO.SYS. Error code 0x7f

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Random BSODs in Windows 7 Home Premium x64 which sometimes happensright after I log in to windows, and sometimes not for a few hours within turning on my computer.


Laptop model: IdeaPad Y550P (324156U)


The bluescreens can be avoided by booting into Safe Mode with Networking, which leads me to believe it is a software or driver issue.  I've run the windows memory test utility, and it has found no problems with my RAM in its standard test.


Here are the details of the BSOD, copied from the windows crash recovery dialog.

I'd analyze the memory dump myself, but I lack the tools and they're pretty difficult to set up.


Problem signature:
  Problem Event Name:    BlueScreen
  OS Version:    6.1.7600.
  Locale ID:    1033

Additional information about the problem:
  BCCode:    7f
  BCP1:    0000000000000008
  BCP2:    0000000080050033
  BCP3:    00000000000006F8
  BCP4:    FFFFF8000343D798
  OS Version:    6_1_7600
  Service Pack:    0_0
  Product:    768_1






After combing through memory dumps and checking things on Microsoft TechNet, it would appear that my particular blue screen problem was caused by the Zone Alarm firewall.


Remember, this only applies to Windows 7 x64, bluescreen in the kernel module NETIO.SYS. Error code 0x7f (UNEXPECTED KERNEL MODE TRAP), 0x8 (Double fault)


After uninstalling ZoneAlarm, so far I haven't had any more blue screens. I recommend Comodo Internet Security instead.