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Lenovo SR650

8 hours ago
Hello   Is there a way to factory default BMC Xclarity.
.- Right click the file and select "Run As Administrator"   Step 4.
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Hi !    I write here to make things clear with a strange situation I have run into.   We have  a Enterprise Chassis (Flex) - Type 8721 Chassis . I intened to monitor it with our SCOM environment (SCOM 2019 UR2) by SNMP  .   Firstly I discovered a chassis with a standard SCOM network device discovery. Then I installed management pack I have noticed above . The chassis has been found succesfully and been shown in a "Monitoring-Levovo hardware-Flex System Chassis and Modules-Flex System Chassis" dashboard. But there are no modules co...

Re:Battery not detected

The day before yesterday 13:19
prompt, by typing "cmd" into the search bar, right-click the program showing up and then choose "Run as Administrator
  Two passwords can be set, an administrator password and a user password is set.  IF both passwords are set, the administrator after correctly entering the password can make the  If the administrator password is the only one set, replacement of the system board is the only(Then the passwords on the new system board can be set or left open as desired by system administrator  Your system administrator might know a way to enter an administrative level password.
Update, then select the BIOS and Chipset sectionRight click the files in question and select "Run as Administrator
@JJMBSistemas    Are you running the Configuration Manager console using the Run As Administrator
Hello,   That is great news! Glad you got it working.   May I ask how you recovered it? Did you use the recommendations I provided in my post this morning or some other method?   If you want to clear the admin password you can utilize the same OneCLI command but instead of putting "new password" just leave it blank with ""  which will clear the password. I tested this in our lab and it worked.   You can also clear the password from within the UEFI under User Security or from within the LXPM under UEFI Setup -> User Security    ...
UEFI passwords thank you a lot; just one last thing I want to ask about it: how can I delete the UEFI administrator
I then changed my mind and "signed out" the "guard user", logging in as my "administrator user" to perform  So hoping I could overcome this by trying it all again but this time only with the administratoractive, I re-booted the machine and logged in as administrator only.(3) Interestingly, on the guardhouse M910t the "guard user" has a single-high taskbar, whereas my "administrator
When you create the bootable media you should have an option to select "full" under media purpose. This particular image will give you a text-based menu that will allow you to select advanced and follow the rest of the directions.  
Right click the files in question and select "Run as Administrator".
select Manual Update, then select the BIOS sectionRight click the files in question and select "Run as Administrator
4dcccdfcc53e4d33a1f0802574f6069b , execute like this:Right click "BGTest.bat" --> select "Run as administrator
Hi Sir, Please download the latest BoMC version from here. The BoMC v11.5.1 or later version supports diagnostics feature, please download the latest version and give it a shot.   
hi again ; i tried this solution, so after the booting process this is what i get there is no advanced options :
 Administrator password controls the access of the whole setup utility.Only after the Administrator password has been set can the User password be set.If Administrator password was cleared, the User password was cleared too.
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Hello nn2211,   If you do not have the admin password or the BMC then I'm afraid there isn't a simple way to fix this.   Recently, someone posted a way to resolve this using BOMC. This method allows you to reset the BMC and once that is done you can use the OneCLI method I provided. Here is the post for reference:   https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkSystem/Reset-UEFI-without-BMC-access-for-SR630/m-p/5080342?page=1#5333549   And the steps that were provided in the post:   download the bootable USB tool BOMC follow and fill in the ...