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Well, I've been using Motorola since the first generation of Moto G and I'm really really like it.  I want to try "The most powerful Moto until now"

Re:2020 G7

4 hours ago
  I even tried using the G7 Plays network connection to link the G Power to the internet with
I forgot to mention one other possible area where you might find the control of battery usage by an app - Developer Settings. If I'm not mistaken there are or at least once we're a setting or two in Developer Options related to app battery usage and app Background control. I've never needed to use them before, so I'm not well enough versed in their intended purposes and resultant abilities, but you definitely might want to investigate this a bit. Again, hope this helps!
Hey, Rich. Thanks for responding. The options are "Background Restriction", which is greyed out and says it can't be restricted, and the other other option is "Battery Optimization" and battery usage is not optimized, but the gif still doesn't move when I'm in battery saver mode
    1. Go to App Info for the app (either look it up via Settings /Apps and Notifications / All Apps / {App Name} or long-press on the app's icon then tap the "i" with a circle around it).   2. Now, expand the "Advanced"drop-down section and then tap on "Battery."   3. Finally, tap into both the "Battery restriction" and "Battery optimization" items and set them appropriately.   I created a Google Photos Album showing how things look along way. You should be able to view it here:     App Background Battery Usage Settings (Andr...
Hi Mx_Meester   I will assist you with this. Not totally sure if there's an option to whitelist an app while the battery saver is on, but can you please check if there's an option to use battery in the background in the Settings? Go to Settings > Apps & notification > see all apps > GIF Live Wallpaper > Advanced > Battery. Let me know what options you get. Thanks.   Best regards,RichMotorola-Lenovo Support
Also, check if flip for DND is turned on in the Moto app.Can you please update your forum profile with the current IMEI or Serial number from your device and
So I've had an app called GIF Live Wallpaper for a while now and it lets me put a gif as my wallpaper. However, the gif only works if I'm not on battery saver mode. Is there a way I can allow an app to have unrestricted battery use?

2020 G7

11 hours ago
I want to share my network connection of my 2020 G Power with the G7 Play over Bluetooth.
I tried with a couple of speakers which I own and the overall volume is like only 70% of Moto One power
First, we're not officially selling this accessory aside from the ones we had for Moto Z lines.Also, I checked online but I'm not seeing available for Moto One 5G.In that sense, there are couple of portable power banks you can use.
  I have a Moto G7 power with the AT&T network.       
Can you please tell me if the wifi texting/calling on the Moto g fast and the Moto G7 power will work

Re:Android 11

yesterday 10:08
Android S Beta 2 is already there but there are no signs of Android R for moto g9 power.
    I am facing 3 problems in my Moto g6 plus.   1.During reboot power on screen goes in mirror mode.   Tried below steps, but no use 1.Already turned on Moto private policy and updated my imei in profile   This is happening inmy 4th Phone of Moto, I am frustrated with Moto phones   Expecting support from Moto tem
Can I increase the number of rings on her phone, (a moto G8 Power Lite, the same as mine)?
Any update to the router tethering issue with the Moto G Power
@ LouavulNative wrote: I loved the multi window box at the bottom of my screen to jump to other apps and or close apps I didn' need. Where is that feature on this new phone. I' constantly stuck in something and don' see a back button or way to switch to different app.   To see all the apps you open previously, you can do it by swiping up from the bottom, hold, then let go. If you want the 3 button navigation just like on your previous phones then you can go to Settings > System > Gestures > System Navigation > 3 button navigation.    Best regard...
We suggest to post there since this is for the Moto G Stylus and your device is a Moto G Power.
Please update your profile with current phone, carrier and IMEI -- this will help me investigate.it's okay for me to look at your apps to see if they are a source of problems.Need help updating your profileSee here. https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Forum-Feedback/Complete-your-forums-profile/td-p/3339943   To reboot in safe mode: Press & hold the Power button.Touch & hold Power off. Touch OK to restart in safe mode.