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A706: Could not unlock a phone due to security pattern mistakenly drawn


I have a lenevo A706 and while keeping in pocket the pattern was mistakenly drawn for several times. Now it asks for gmail id but i have no gmail id attached to my phone and no internet connection enabled before the phone was locked.


There is no way you can access the phone in this situation. If there was, it may be treated as a breach to someone phone which you may not have consent to access.


What you could do is to totally reset the whole phone. It means that all data in the phone will be gone except those stored in the SD card (external card)


PS: take out the SD card before you perform the reset steps below to avoid any unforseen circumstances.


Again, please take note that this will remove all the data in the phone.


Please do following steps for resetting your phone to factory default:


1) Switch off the mobile phone

2) Press both Volume Keys (UP AND DOWN BOTH) and the power button together and hold for 10 seconds

3) You will get to see few Options

4) Select 'Restore Factory And Wipe' by using the  Volume keys

5) Use the power button to confirm your selection.

6) After restoring and the phone gets stuck at the Lenovo splah screen, just remove battery and Start up.

7) Your phone will be in working order again just like a brand new phone



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fawwaz On 2014-12-09, 2:35 AM

good morning,i want to ask..i have click 'factory restore' in my lenovo smart phones, after that,all my contact,massage,whatsapp chat,call log had lost.they are very important.how to recevor all that data.please help me?it is important 


damkol On 2015-02-07, 12:57 PM


I'm sorry that I'm writing here, but I don't know how to create new topic.

I have problem with my Lenovo a806w MT6592 (5 inches)

I was trying to change internal storage to external SDcard. I've rooted my phone and I've deleted system file by mistake (Exhange services). After this there wasn't main screen. The phone generally was working properly, but I couldn't see main screen. The 'Home' key didn't work. I could use my phone through bar on the top. Device was freezing on logo when it was switched off or turning on. Only way to turn on the device was to Clear eMMC.

Fortunately I've solved that problem by instaling google lunch.apk But I know that my system still has a malfunction (comunicates "Unfortunately, Setup Wizard has stopped." and "Unfortunately, Exchange services has stopped.").

Maybe reinstalling ROM could repair my device and restore it to factory condition.

And what is my problem now..

I can't find anywere ROM for Lenovo a806w MT6592! :(

I've found only this http://www.needrom.com/download/alps-a806w/

But it's ONLY MT6582 and there's a problem with MT6582_Android_scatter.txt while ROM instalation

and this http://www.needrom.com/download/lenovo-a806/
but it's not exacly my ROM version

Please help me! Can you share me original ROM, please??

my phone ROM is K002-V2.0-TNC-A806w-FWVGA-EMMC-32+4-B1B2B5-LENOVO-EN-V05  ALPS.KK1.MP1.V2.36

pradeepshree On 2015-08-13, 17:29 PM

is there any way i can backup my data?

my phone a 7000 security pattern is locked

losthopelessly On 2016-08-08, 15:24 PM

Hi, my phone was stolen away and when i found it  had a pinlock, i am told to reset it i have to wipe off all the data which i would not want to, can you please reset the lock for me if i tell the serial number and everything related to phone, its a request.

losthopelessly On 2016-08-08, 15:25 PM

moto g4 32GB phone, please request reset the lock. i can give you all the details of phone

amix On 2019-05-31, 12:04 PM
I bought in China the new Lenovo Z6 pro L78051. During installation I trie to setup the secure display pattern, but do not remember the pattern at all. How can I unlook the pattern? The device manager does not locate the phone even if it is switched on beside me. Would you please support me. Many thanks

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