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Paper Tape
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A328 battery draining suddenly while the phone is not in use

I have a two-weeks old A328 that I've kept up to date with the firmwares, which I'm planning to return to the store tomorrow because of a battery issue. I don't/didn't use this phone a lot, but the [supposedly] long battery life was the main selling point for me. I'm posting this here in case anyone else experiences something similar. Although the phone has updated its firmware like 3 times since I've got it, the problem I'm going to describe below didn't go away.


While usually draining very slowly the battery while idle, phone somehow and sometimes manages to wipe out its battery charge in short amount of time (an hour or less), also while idle. This best illustrated with a screenshot of the last time this happened . The UI is set to Romanian, but the problem should be self-evident otherwise: after draining slowly over 3 days to 60% or so, it wiped out the last 60% in around 30 minutes, while I wasn't using the phone. It was dead as a doornail when I tried to use it a bit later; I had to recharge it a little before I could use to make a call. There's no app to attribute the massive drain to, at least nothing evident for me. The same scenario happened a couple more times before that, but I didn't log or investigate much those prior occurrences.


You can find a full text log taken a little bit later after the last sudden draining incident at . This was obtained using "adb shell dumpsys batterystats" from the Android SDK. Despite the relatively massive log (over 500Kb), KitKat still doesn't really log enough for me to figure out what might be draining the battery when those rapid discharges occur. (Supposedly "adb shell dumpsys batterystats --enable full-wake-history", which is only available in Lollipop, might make this job easier.)

Paper Tape
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Re: A328 battery draining suddenly while the phone is not in use

A couple more aspects I should have mentioned: The first time the battery got wiped out was from around 90% before (me) going to sleep to it being completely discharged when I woke up--I figured that at 90% it didn't need to be left plugged in over night. After that I charged it again to 100% and played youtube videos (set on high quality) over WLAN with headphones. That way the phone battery drained linearly, as far as I could tell, and went from 100% to nearly 0% in two hours.
Paper Tape
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Re: A328 battery draining suddenly while the phone is not in use

I've actually chosen to spend one more day debugging/trying this phone. Filtering the log I posted previously after the actual voltage measurements, I noticed that the battery charge percentages reported by the phone were quite different for the charge and discharge curves at the same voltage; for example while discharging it reported around 68% battery charge around 3.6-3.7 volts, while charging it reported only 17% battery charge at the same voltage level.


 -1d02h24m21s819ms 068 44033044 volt=3719
-20h14m13s792ms 068 44130024 volt=3697
-20h13m14s098ms 068 44130034 volt=3675 signal_strength=good
-20h12m13s773ms 068 44130044 volt=3653 signal_strength=great
-20h11m23s782ms 068 44130044 volt=3631
-20h10m13s772ms 068 44130044 volt=3609


 -13h22m19s505ms 017 441a0044 volt=3644
-13h21m29s505ms 017 441a0034 volt=3669
-13h20m49s503ms 017 440a0030 volt=3692 +wake_lock
-13h19m59s507ms 017 440a3030 volt=3714 +wake_lock


Furthermore, the apparently sudden discharge (in terms of reported battery percentage) wasn't so sudden in terms of battery voltage that can obtained with the debugger; look for instance how it kept reporting 63% over almost a volt difference only to die soon thereafter after precipitously dropping the reported percentage to 11% in half an hour.


 -20h10m13s772ms 068 44130044 volt=3609
-15h05m49s755ms 063 44033044 volt=3588 +wake_lock
-14h35m01s748ms 063 40033044 volt=3564 +wake_lock
-14h32m43s751ms 063 04033044 volt=3543
-14h30m09s762ms 063 00033044 volt=3522
-14h27m00s760ms 063 44033044 volt=3500 +wake_lock
-14h20m00s759ms 063 04033044 volt=3479
-14h13m13s751ms 063 04033044 volt=3457
-14h01m16s753ms 050 00033044 volt=3436
-13h50m24s743ms 033 04033044 volt=3413
-13h42m49s738ms 021 44033044 volt=3391 +wake_lock
-13h36m15s745ms 011 04033044 volt=3370


So I decided to perfrorm one more youtube discharge test. With ROM version A328_ROW_S324_14116 and without any SIM in it actually lasted 5 hours on youtube and had an expected/linear discharge curve. I'm not going to post a full log, but fitering only for reported voltage it's interesting that it reported only 4%-10% charge (while discharging) for 3.6 volts or so.


-5h09m07s839ms 100 00000000 status=not-charging health=good plug=none temp=210 volt=4090
-5h06m31s530ms 099 44020044 volt=4069
-4h58m01s528ms 095 44020044 temp=280 volt=4048
-4h48m51s530ms 093 44020044 volt=4027
-4h42m01s529ms 092 44020044 volt=4006
-4h30m41s498ms 089 44120044 volt=3985
-4h22m01s498ms 086 44120034 volt=3964
-4h14m01s500ms 084 44120044 volt=3943
-4h09m11s480ms 082 44120044 volt=3922
-3h59m11s490ms 079 44120034 volt=3901
-3h50m41s474ms 077 44120034 volt=3880
-3h43m11s460ms 074 44120034 volt=3859
-3h29m41s460ms 071 47120034 volt=3838 +wifi_full_lock +wifi_scan
-3h18m21s458ms 066 44120034 volt=3817
-3h10m51s449ms 064 44120034 volt=3796
-2h59m21s438ms 061 44120044 volt=3775
-2h44m41s419ms 056 44120044 volt=3754
-2h29m41s398ms 052 44120034 volt=3733
-2h04m41s379ms 043 44120034 volt=3712 signal_strength=good
-1h39m41s358ms 036 44120034 volt=3691
-1h16m51s358ms 029 44120034 volt=3670
-48m01s319ms 019 44120044 volt=3649
-36m01s308ms 015 44120044 volt=3628
-23m41s310ms 010 44120044 volt=3606
-6m31s279ms 004 44120044 volt=3585
-41s471ms 004 441a0044 status=charging plug=usb volt=3582 +plugged signal_strength=great


So the battery percentage reported/calculated seems to depend heavily on the current drawn (not necessarily instantaneous current, but some sort of average for the near past) and the reported percentage is basically very unreliable (highly overestimated) for low currents.



Punch Card
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Re: A328 battery draining suddenly while the phone is not in use

Hi there,
just wanted to say that the a328s and a536s have the same problem as described and your observations are correct. We just need a fix from Lenovo.

p.s. I also have a 2 weeks old A328(latest firtmare) with the same problem.
Paper Tape
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Re: A328 battery draining suddenly while the phone is not in use

I also have this problem, put down the phone at night and in the morning to 40% at the turn off. It would be nice if Lenovo fix this problem.

What's DOS?
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Re: A328 battery draining suddenly while the phone is not in use

I'm having the same problem. Any fix?
Paper Tape
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Re: A328 battery draining suddenly while the phone is not in use

I also have the same problem with my lenovo P780. Battery getting discharged by its own overnight
Paper Tape
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A328 battery draining suddenly while the phone is not in use

Hi All,


I have A536 model and confirm I also face this incorrect battery draining issue. Need to mention that quite many people in Bulgarian android forum complain with such problem (even I friend of mine with A606 model is facing it. I believe that Lenovo will provide a fix in a short otherwise consumers might consider changing the brand with a more reliable one (I personally think in that direction...).



Paper Tape
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Re: A328 battery draining suddenly while the phone is not in use

Same problem here, Lenovo doesn't seem to mind too much about this problem. It's May 21st, a new firmware update was already issued in April (A328_ROW_S328_150429) and the issue is still unresolved. The phone dies showing 34% and it shows a certain level of charging for hours, especially if the screen is off, although the battery is really draining. So, are we supposed to change the brand or is there a chance for Lenovo to do something?

Some clarifications:

1. The problem is not the battery draining fast, really is about the system not showing the real amount of energy the battery still has. If you check the time that passed since the last full charge, you see that there is no problem with the battery, the problem lies in in the info the system shows about tha battery stats. It stays at a random level, let's say 58% for hours and then, when the screen in turned on, you see the level dropping fast or the phone closing, even if the level is at, let's say, 30%. So it is not a battery fast draining problem, is about the level of the battery Android is showing.

2. From what I see, looking at the location of the previous posters, it seems to be a problem to the phones delivered in Eastern Europe.

3. Is not a problem regarding old or defective battery, mine is new and there is the same problem with different battery.

Paper Tape
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Re: A328 battery draining suddenly while the phone is not in use

Good Point with "Eastern Europe" Smiley Wink In this case we can scream for an update maybe to next century ...  Btw same problem with my phone ...

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