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Lenovo A7000-a, Android 6.0. Problem with storage space

2019-09-12, 9:56 AM

Hello my friends. I am having a problem with my mobile phone and I hope that you can help me.


First of all sorry for any grammar mistakes but my first language isn't english. 


Also I tried with "search" to find some solution but I wasn't able to find a thread with a problem like mine.


I have a lenovo (duh...) A7000-a, with android 6.0,  A7000-a_S228_160621_ROW


I have an SD card formatted as an internal disk which is very helpful as it allowed me to transfer many apps there and they all run smoothly.


The problem is that although I have moved all apps to the SD card (except for the pre-installed which I cannot move), I always clear cache memory and I have absolutely no other files (music etc) in the internal memory it is almost full (it gets fuller with time) and I cannot download any other apps (I dont know why but every app I install the phone puts it in the internal memory and then I must manually move it to the SD card which I do without any problem) or even update the preinstalled ones. So as far I understand the system and pre installed apps take almost 7.6 out of 8 GBs of internal memory!


Is this normal? And what I can do?



As you can see from the pics above my internal memory it shows availabe 4,87 out of 8 and I suppose this is normal due to space needed for system etc. From that 4,87 it show me that in use there are 4,31 but apps (preinstalled only there) are only 1,5. So the other 2,8 missing are again for system etc?


The second pic is the SD card which has a lot of space free but it does not do me any good!


Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.






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Re: Lenovo A7000-a, Android 6.0. Problem with storage space

2019-09-27, 6:44 AM

I am currently experiencing this issue my phone is same as yours lenovo a-7000 did you just download any scanner virus take a quick move bro and you will see such annoying results might found on the device..!

First don't update any device I think you need to uninstall an app from the device or either if you cannot make the phone reformat after that connect wifi or data to download any scanner virus ... my own phone is excessively draining my battery, if I didn't even cleared the cache or the two apps running at the same time.. shut down at 30 40 even 50% needed to find repairing outlet branch through lenovo but its take me here nothingness I wish I could have live chat..!

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