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M92p Tiny serial port or second display port options

The ThinkCentre M92p system contains a provision for an additional port just above the VGA display connector on the rear of the unit.  In the first photo below, there is a stack of 3 M92p Tiny systems mounted in the optional optical drive chasis.  This drive enclosure connects via a USB loop cable and provides two additional USB ports in addition to the optical drive which would also be installed. 


The system appearing at the top of the stack below has a knock out cover in place above the VGA connector - no optional port installed.  The second unit has an optional wifi card and dual antennas with the second antenna occupying this port location.  The unit on the bottom of the stack has the optional 2nd display port option.


stack of tinys.jpg



While service part numbers can be found in the hardware maintenance manual for USB port, serial port, and 2nd display port connectors and cables that can be installed in this location above the VGA port, it appears that there are at least 2 versions of the system board which differ slightly in component locations, and whether the header connector for the 2nd display port is populated on the board.  Both versions of the board have the header for the serial connector.


The version in the photo below would not support the 2nd display port cable because the connector on the system board has not been populated.  Note the empty solder pads at the location indicated by the red arrow.  If you are considering adding a 2nd display port, check your system to see if there is a socket at this location on the system board.


Tiny serial header but no DP.png


The version show in the photo below shipped with the 2nd display port option and includes the connector socket on the system board (see arrow).  Cable display port assembly FRU 54Y9350 is shown, to the right of the arrow.  



Tiny with DP.png 


So, it appears that the second display port would need to be ordered when the system was built, while a serial port could be added to replace the blank port simply by ordering the cable as a FRU. 


The wifi card options and antenna parts are also listed in the HMM.  Here is an inside view of the wifi card installed.



Tiny wifi.jpg 

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andreasjva On 2017-02-10, 12:16 PM

I realize this is an old post, but I thought maybe you'd know what hold down screws to use for the wifi card in the M92P.   I bought my unit used and it came without internal wifi.  I installed a 3160 AC wifi card with bluetooth, and it's working great, but I couldn't figure out what screws to use.  I currently have it held down with heat resistant rubber wedged between the drive caddy and the card.  It works, but it's not right.  


Shame I can't add the second display port.  Can a single display port be split in two with a cable?  Would the monitors function indepently if it is possible?




FedCURE On 2017-04-30, 6:05 AM



Ran accross your post by chance.  We are thinking of buying several M92p Mini Tower Desktop PC, i-5, Intel 3470, 18GB, 2 TB HDD, W-10. No wifi or Bluetooth.


How do you like the unit?






andreasjva On 2017-05-06, 13:25 PM

Hello Mark,


I love these little M92P computers.  I prefer SSD's in them.  I also opt for dual display ports, but from what I've experienced, even when the computer only lists 1 display port, there's a port on the motherboard to add a second.  The exterior port would a replace a blank spot, second antenna for wi-fi, or serial port.  Depends on the initial configuration.  No guarantees the port will be on the motherboard, but I haven't bought one that didn't have it so far.   


Anyway, I definitely recommend them.  You can find great deals on them on ebay.  I've bought about 4 so far.  I have 3 at work, and one for myself at home.




Hope this helps!



FedCURE On 2017-05-07, 7:01 AM

Ciao Andy:


Many thanks for your reply.  We have never used he TINY units, but they do look interesting.


Have you used the M92p SFF uits?





nanohead On 2017-12-22, 13:42 PM

I actually added the second Displayport connector.  My unit had the motherboard connector, so bought the Displayport assembly.  It isn't behaving correctly so far, and am somewhat stumped.   It does in fact work, but only as a sole monitor connector.  If I plug 2 displayport monitors in, 1 monitor flashes, and second one is dark.  The computer makes the "new hardware discovery" sound over and over again.   So the system does in fact know about the monitor, but doesn't seem to like it.  Not sure if its a software problem


The VGA port works fine, but was trying to connect both monitors digitally.  2 monitors does work with the motherboard mounted DP port and the VGA port.  But adding the second DP connector hasn't worked as I'd hoped

allenpan On 2018-04-19, 17:11 PM

Did anyone try the M93P Tiny HDMI port (03T7215) instead of the DP port? i wonder if it works?

ZS1SSM On 2018-07-30, 6:50 AM

Now for aother head ache ---How do I install a serial port to my M93P Tiny and where can I get the adaptor in South Africa---I need to do serial programming to motorola radios and a usb to serial does not work on these radios---If not available in South Africa what will the costs be to ship to me here in South Africa?





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