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Re: Lenovo A5 Mobile data/wifi disconnects automatically after locking screen

@calfa wrote:


As an example of what happens:
21:11 Screen lock.. Immediately, from another phone, a Whatsapp is sended to me and I receive the notification instantly. That's right.
21:11 Screen lock.
21:16 Whatsapp and email are sent from another phone again. I do not receive any notification. It does not appear as delivered on the phone from which the Whatsapp was sent.
21:18 Unlocking the screen. After a few seconds Whatsapp and mail notifications appear. Simultaneously, in the phone from where the Whatsapp was sent, the message changes the status to " delivered and read".

Because of my experience for a long time I would have waited I would not have received the Whatsapp, only after unlocking.

The link to the debug report is the following:


Regarding the application of music, I don't use any.


Thank you for your assistance.



Thanks for the bug report. We'll escalate it to the product team.



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