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What's DOS?
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Looking for an App where i can take Handwritten Notes on A4 Pages - Easy to Print or Export to PDF

I have a galaxy tab S3 I use daily for classes. Program called Xodo is awesome and writes on standard pages. You can import blank sheets of A4 and do what you want if you want it simple. To get a super customizable app that does everything for doing a lot of writing on an Android tablet lecture notes is an app I have used extensively. Usually Xodo I use for importing PDFs of lectures and writing on them and lecture notes I used for writing stuff out extensively. You have so many different paper patterns in lecture notes and on XDA you can find even more since you can directly code the paper patterns from templates people have posted that aren't already in there to begin with. The stylus works well and both apps work well with using touch for one thing and the stylus for writing. Saying all this is great if you absolutely will not use an Apple device but if you are open to it I would consider an iPad. They are regularly on sale for just over $200. The pencil is extra but they can be on sale. They write better and are coded better than the galaxy since the whole OS is supported for it compared to Android. There are so many apps written for the iPad with drawing in mind and there are so many more cases, accessories, and apps for the iPad compared to my Android tablet. I am 100% an Android guy for years but the Tablet and writing stylus game is way better on apple compared to Android since the support is there and apple has the incentive to keep a corner on the educational market. My school program is only another year and living off student loans I can't justify buying an iPad and pencil since I already have the galaxy and I probably won't use it after I graduate to take advantage of the extra functions I'm sticking with it.


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