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Paper Tape
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Motto g5 horrible phone

This is the worst phone I have ever purchased and owned. From the get go the cover I paid$20 for broke the first time I tried to charge it. A will later for the following 3 weeks it would intermittently give me service or deny me service - half empty half full... Corrupting my sim card. Basically I have blown money on this phone every since I purchased it for what just to exist? There are no special things this phone does or allows and it's so user unfriendly it's just a joke. It has a mind if it's own and keeps advertising Suboxone medical opioid pain relief Strips. Like **bleep** is really going on. Now it just turns down my volume while I try to turn it up. Doesn't let me hear anything. Volume and power button have popped off so can't control them via conventional methods. The volume box comes down to block half of my screen can't do anything. Always goes to the 2 screen option and who even yes that? These phone are tiny to try and do 2 things at once. Update screen pops up in crucial games where you can't just exit out and had costed me millions digitally in games I've tried playing. Phone doesn't ring when it's supposed to. Doesn't remember the settings I set like I'm not even the owner or administrator. The predictive text sucks like the worst never doesn't even suggest similarly spelt words or anything of the sort. The auto rotate I'd the worst I've ever experienced constantly flipping and turning screens when not even touched or moved. Now the piece of crap is de laminating or coming apart. MOTOROLA THIS IS THE WORST PHONE I'VE EVER HAD THE MISERY OF OWNING. STOP MAKING PHONES IF THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT THESE DAYS. I'VE GOT A2013 GALAXY THAT WORKS BETTER THAN THIS CRAP. I TELL EVERYONE WHAT A TURD THIS PHONE IS AND WILL HOPEFULLY AFFECT YOUR SALES. DON'T PUT IT OUT IF IT SUCKS THIS BAD. THESE PHONES ARE THE WORST PHONES ON THE MARKET AND ARE NOT USER FRIENDLY AND JUST BLOW. THE SCREEN CRACKED WHOLE CARING IT IN MY BACK POCKET VOIDING OUT THE POSSIBILITY FOR A WARRANTY AFTER PAYING FOR INSURANCE FOR 6 MONTHS. LIKE WHAT A MISERABLE SCAM. I'LL TAKE HOURS OR OF MY LIFE TO TRY OR HELP OUT MOTOROLA OUT OF BUSINESS. OBVIOUSLY THERE ARE PLENTY OF OTHER PROBLEMS OTHER PEOPLE HAVE ENCOUNTERED BY READING THE FIRING foRUMS and blogs. CRAP ASS PHONES DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!!

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