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What's DOS?
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DROID-5 ??? ... BLEAK !!! ... IN THE LEAST ???????

Droid-5 ??? ... Bleeeeaaaak !!! ... In the least ... Droid-4 bootloader unlocked too much to ask ???

DROID-5 ???

With the top 3 threads of your top 10 Motorola forums ...

Thread Name-------------------------------------------Rating-----Posts---------Views

Motorola are you going to release the droid 5 ? --------- 100% ---------148--------------190826

Please don't blow it AGAIN with the Droid 5.    ---------- 100% ----------9----------------147635

Droid 5 / QWERTY phones------------------------------------ 100% --------144--------------120459

All 3 threads(for a phone with a physical qwerty being the lookout) ... With 100% rating and with more than 450 k views and 301 posts between these 3 threads !!! ... And no sight of a droid-5 whatsoever !!!

Bleeeeaaaak (and safe to say extinct) future for qwerty phones !!!

Is a Droid-4 with an unlocked bootloader ... Too much to ask ???

About phones with physical keyboards ...

1. No phone manufacturer is aligned for 'one' by miles and miles

2. Off the few manufacturers, 'motorola' having had quite a few physical qwerty phones(more than others) under its belt, they too having abondened them all together.

3. If one goes by new phones, then an already extinct qwerty phone breed.

4. Aka ... Droid-4 ... With its unmatched convenience of a physical qwerty on a more importantly android platform.

5. Aka ... Droid-4 ... The highest spec'd phone(with 1gb ram the highest for a qwerty) as far as physical qwerty phones go.

a droid-4 with an unlocked bootloader ... Is it really ... Too much to ask ???

1. With the community welcomed 'Motorola initiative' of listening to them(community) and honoring them with phones with 'unlocked' bootloaders.

2. With an already existant infrastructure of Motorola to enable phones(with a slew of phones already under their belt) with unlocked bootloaders.

a community request to honor an addition of one more device ... Aka ... Droid-4 ... For an unlocked bootloader ... Really hurt Motorola ... That they have no choice but to decline our request ?

really !!! ... Is it too much to ask ???

Ahhhh ... Then there is the legal bindings with your networks (aka ... Verizon's and sprint's) ... On the mou's of keeping the bootloaders locked !!!

1. With every last inventory of Droid-4's having vacated their shelves and warehouses

2. With no business conflicts left anymore


Is it really too much to ask ???

With quality qwerty phones loooooooong extinct on android platform ... The few devices left in zoo's(our pockets) across the world salvaged from corners unknown !!!

Is an unlocked bootloader too much to ask ... For our beloved Droid-4's ??? A lost battle ... Unless Motorola is listening !!!

Had to try !!!

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