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How do I get ADB Debugging working on the Yoga Tablet 2 8, Yoga Tablet 2 10 and Yoga Tablet 2 Pro?


How do I get ADB Debugging working on the Yoga Tablet 2 8, Yoga Tablet 2 10 and Yoga Tablet 2 Pro?

Where do I find ADB drivers for the Yoga Tablet 2 8, Yoga Tablet 2 10 and Yoga Tablet 2 Pro?


Method 1 (Recommended)

  1. Plug your Yoga Tablet 2 in your PC.
  2. You will see a new virtual CD drive labelled Lenovo_Suite and a drive letter.
  3. Execute LenovoUsbDriver_autorun_*.exe, the version number may be different than in the screenshot below.



Method 2

Use this method if you are an advanced end-user or if the driver from method 1 does not work for you.


  1. Download Android SDK and unzip it somewhere.
  2. Start Android SDK.
  3. Download Android SDK Platform Tools.
  4. Go to Settings
  5. Scroll to the bottom and click About.
  6. Tap Build number 7 times to unlock developer mode.
  7. Then go back to Settings
  8. Now you will see a new menu option, Developer Options. Click that.
  9. Now check that ADB Debugging is enabled by ticking its checkbox.
  10. Connect the Yoga Tablet 2 Pro to your laptop / computer.
  11. Go to the directory where you installed AndroidSDK, and verify it has a subdirectory called platform-tools. and enter this map.
  12. If you are using Windows 8 or later, at the top left click 'File' in the top menu bar, and click Open Command Prompt to open a command prompt in that directory. You can alternatively also press WindowsKey+R and then enter cmd.exe and use the cd command to get your path right.
  13. Now when your command prompt is open in your platform-tools directory of your AndroidSDK, enter 'adb devices' to get a list of all attached devices with adb debugging enabled.
  14. You should see Baytrail********* in that list. Baytrail is the chipset or SoC of your Yoga Tablet 2 Pro.

If you need more documentation, drivers, software to develop for the Yoga Tablet 2, make sure to check this link:

Intel USB Drivers:


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