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Can I connect a USB flash drive to the Yoga 10 HD + 's micro USB port using an OTG cable?


I'm considering purchasing one of these and have this question:

Can I connect a USB flash drive to the micro USB port using an OTG cable? 


Specifically, I want to transfer pictures from a SD card reader  to the tablet without going through a PC.


Yes, it is possible to connect a USB flash drive to the Yoga 10 HD+'s micro USB port using an OTG cable.

An OTG cable, or On-the-Go cable, allows a USB OTG compatible smartphone or tablet to be coupled with other devices, including, in the above case, flash drives and mice. In most instances of use basic functions and operations are possible.



An example of a USB OTG cable


The Yoga 10 HD + tablet IS a USB OTG compatible device and hence, cables such as the one pictured above can be used to pair with it so you can back up your device or transfer files.  Please note that some powered USB devices (rotating hard drives, DVD drives, etc, may not work because they will draw more power than the standard USB connection can provide - external power may also need to be provided for some devices.


You can check if a device is OTG USB capable by looking out for the following label:


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mick002 On 2014-12-11, 23:01 PM

I have bought a USB OTG cable and tried to connect a USB flash drive and my Panasonic camera to download photos. Neither worked! Does the community or Lenovo have a solution?

HJP2 On 2015-02-23, 8:33 AM

Haven't tried connecting the camera but I I use a 3-in-1 OTG connector to transfer photos from SDHC card.

dsnillo On 2015-02-24, 19:56 PM

This will vary by manufacturer and Android version.  For example, my Nexus 5 would not detect an OTG drive running Android 4.4.  I discovered a utility for Nexus devices which restored this capability.  OTG access disappeared when I upgraded to Lollipop, but has since returned, presumably the developer updated the utility.  I can't say whether Lenovo will restrict access to OTG connections or not.  LG/Google say it is restricted for better security.

herbieb On 2015-05-06, 20:56 PM

OTG cable has worked for me connecting both flash drives and also portable hard drives,hope this helps.

ameliga On 2017-06-11, 13:56 PM


Pls can you help my to understand how to connect in the same time the usb charger with others usb peripherics?

I have to use charger together a wifi mouse and keyboard end the Navigator, or other flash momories.

Thank you.


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