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How can I enable sharing/ pair my Yoga Tablet 2 with my WiDi TV or external device?


I want to be able to pair my TV with my Yoga Tablet 2 Pro and wish to know how.


First, you either need a fully qualified WiDi capable TV, or an external Wireless Display Adapter such as the Netgear PTV3000 Push2TV, or a Belkin ScreenCast, that will receive the wireless display signal from the Yoga, and output it to your TV's HDMI input port.


1. Set up your TV's adapter, make all connections, and power it on.

2. Turn on the TV, and change the input to the HDMI port, you have the adapter plugged into.

3. On your Yoga, touch the "Settings" app.

4. On the left side of the settings page, scroll down until you see the yellow "Display" selection. Touch the Display button.

5. On the right side, scroll down until you see the "Wireless Display". Touch the Wireless Display to open the app.




When the app opens, it states "No Nearby Devices Were Found"




You need to turn on the app by touching those three, horizontally aligned periods, directly under time, at the top right.




Touch the "Enable Wireless Display" box, to put a check in it.




You can close the selection box by touching the three dots again. In a minute, your TV adapter should be visible in the right part of the screen,




Touching the adapter, brings it to the "connecting" status. Shortly, the TV will display a number identification code on its screen. Then the Yoga displays an "Invitation To Connect" with a number keypad below that box. Type the number displayed on the TV screen, into the Yoga's box, and hit done. (The keypad disappears)




To finish, touch "Accept", and in a few moments, the Yoga screen is projected on the external media device.

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zoltanthegypsy On 2014-12-09, 14:27 PM
JohnLee2 On 2017-07-13, 9:14 AM

Hi. I'm using Yoga Tablet 2 pro. How do I turn off auto slide and just play pictures at my own pace? I find it irritating when it changes slides of pictures while I am giving a presentation on its own timing.

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