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How to Change the Screen Color Temperature on the Yoga Tablet 2 Series (Android)


  • How do I change the screen color temperature on a Yoga Tablet 2 8, Yoga Tablet 2 10, and Yoga Tablet 2 Pro
  • My screen looks very yellow on my Yoga Tablet 2 8, Yoga Tablet 2 10, Yoga Tablet 2 Pro. How can I fix this?


  1. Swipe with your finger from the bottom of the screen towards the middle.
  2. Now a black dialog appear from the bottom. Tap 'Lenovo Smart Switch'.

  3. A new dialog will appear with a lot of settings. We will only need the 'Display' settings group.
  4. You can choose between 'Vibrant', 'Normal' and 'Matte' for the color presets.
  5. Note that if you enable the 'Auto' checkbox on the right top, the Yoga Tablet 2 will change these settings automatically depending on which mode is used. If you do not want this, make sure the 'Manual' checkbox is checked.


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Martin_Tolkien On 2014-12-11, 5:08 AM

No. This doesnt solve the issue completely. The screen still looks yellowish.

DigiMagic On 2014-12-18, 17:30 PM

Yoga tablet 2 pro, my screen looks either too blue in vibrant and normal mode, or too yellow in matt mode. Is there any way to adjust color profiles more precisely or with more options? I'm fine if that even requires some Android programming. The Smart Switch application otherwise looks like a great idea.


Foodog On 2015-06-19, 23:43 PM

Uh, No,  cannot swipe anything from the bottom of the screen ever since the upgrade to 5.0. Screen turned yellow and the keyboard is the worst one I have ever seen, looks like something a 5 year old might design.  Actually, there are no keys, just letters or numbers approximately where they belong on a keyboard, no clear cut distinction between one key or the next, just space.  This is a release from "The Lenovo?" the company that took over the Thinkpad brand and only made it better with the X series?    What happened?


How do I go back at least one revision to sanity?



Mostafa_usama On 2015-08-13, 14:51 PM

I have the same problem

Kindly lenovo we need an update to solve the following issues :


1- slow charging or not charging at all 

2- yellowish color of screen of the tablet

3- micro USB often don't recognize any device such as wireless mouse receiver from first time unless restart the tablet


I face all those problems in first week I got my new tab 


And lenovo not  resbonse at all


I ask lenovo to make live chat customer support 

LadaJaros On 2017-05-20, 6:32 AM

 The same problem as Mostafa usama. How is it possible, that low-cost phones under 100$ cost has better support and wider settings possibility that world's best computer mader Lenovo. Notebooks are great, but next tablet or mobile phone  I will buy will not be Lenovo! Your money lost, not mine. 

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