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How to Fix Wifi Authentication Problems on the Yoga Tablet 2 Series (Android)


How do I fix wifi authentication problems on a Yoga Tablet 2 8, Yoga Tablet 2 10, or Yoga Tablet 2 Pro?

I have no wifi and I get an authentication error. What do I do?


  1. Open the 'Settings' app.
  2. Enable 'WLAN' in the left menu pane by tapping the switch.

  3. Note how 'NETGEAR-R7000-5G' has an authentication problem.

  4. Press and hold 'NETGEAR-R7000-5G' or whatever the name of your wireless connection is, and you will see a new dialog will appear.

  5. If you click 'Modify network', this will bring you to the following screen, where you can attempt to change your password and other settings.
    If you press 'Forget network', then the wireless connection profile of that network will be removed. After that, tap on the name of your wireless network as shown in the first picture of this article in step 2 and re-enter the password of your wireless network.


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JaneTurner On 2015-09-30, 18:19 PM

Tried that , it didn't work

thanu_babz123 On 2015-10-24, 15:43 PM

i did these all ways .. it didnt wrkd!!!


LadyLisa On 2016-06-26, 10:09 AM

This concept does work at least for the Tab3 7 Essential

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