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How to Make a Back-Up of Your Contacts and Apps on your Yoga Tablet 2


How do I make a back-up of my contacts and apps on my Yoga Tablet 2 8, Yoga Tablet 2 10, or Yoga Tablet 2 Pro?



  1. Open the 'Settings' app.
  2. In the left pane, tap 'Backup & reset'.

Back-up data to SD card

  1. Tap 'Back-up data to SD card'

  2. You don't have to back-up your contacts if they are stored in your Google account or any other syncing account you use. If you are unsure, check the box.

  3. Select the apps you want to back-up.

  4. Now tap 'Back-up'

Restore data from your SD card

  1. In 'Back-up & reset' in the 'Settings' app, tap 'Restore data from your SD card'.
  2. A new dialog appears with a list of your back-ups on your SD card.

  3. Click 'Restore' for every app you want to restore.

  4. If this dialog pops up, tap 'Settings'.backup7.jpg

  5. Now, enable the checkbox of 'Unknown sources', if another dialog appears, just press 'Ok' to confirm, and retry step 3.


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mmulhern On 2015-04-15, 12:22 PM

My new yoga2 8 doesn't have this setting to backup to anything other than backup to Google servers or to "cloud". Is this because I don't have an SD card? Is it possible to backup to another device using the micro USB connection?

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