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How to Perform OTA Updates on the Yoga Tablet 2 Series (Android)


How do I perform OTA updates on the Yoga Tablet 2 8, Yoga Tablet 2 10, and Yoga Tablet 2 Pro?




  1. Open the 'Settings' app.
  2. Scroll all the way to the bottom in the left pane, and tap 'About tablet'.

  3. At the top, now tap 'System Update'

  4. If there is an OTA update available, a button at the bottom will appear with the size of the available OTA update. If there is not OTA update available, it will show that you already have the latest OTA update installed.

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Mostafaeasa On 2015-08-22, 21:06 PM

After I did this and got lollipop my tab be not able to wake up from sleep mode so 

I force it to close every time I use it help me 

BobCox On 2015-11-18, 0:59 AM


I would like to be able to update my Yoga Tab 2 8" to the final version of KitKat

but do not yet want to make the jump to  Lollipop

Will this update process always go to the most recent update (Lollipop S100067)?  Or is it possible to stop at a lower level (KitKat S000195)?

BobCox On 2015-11-18, 20:10 PM

I will answer my own question.
Yesterday I updated from
YT2-830F_USR_S000143_1501051826_WW21_ROW to 

The S000195 version was the only option offered to me.

After successfully updating the S000195, a separate notification appeared that offered to take me from S000195 (KitKat) to S100067 (Lollipop).  I declined this offer, and will wait until the Lollipop issues have been cleaned up.

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