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Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro: Skype Isn't Working


Skype works over my headphones but doesn't work using the speakers on my brand new Yoga Tablet 2 Pro.


How do I fix this?


If your system is configured with either Build Version:

  • YogaTablet2Pro-1380F_USR_S000042_1409280748_WW21_CN
  • YogaTablet2Pro-1380F_USR_S000068_1409262256_WW21_ROW

Then you will need to upgrade your device to either Build Version or later:

  • YogaTablet2Pro-1380F_USR_S000042_140929XXXX_WW21_CN
  • YogaTablet2Pro-1380F_USR_S000068_140929XXXX_WW21_ROW

To see what Build Version your device is running, go into the Settings app. Scroll to the bottom and select "About Tablet". The Build Version should be listed. If the Tablet is not at Build Version"140929" or later, you will need to perform a System Update.


Yoga Tablet 2 Pro 1380F Build Version.jpg


The System Update is located at the top of the screen. When you select System Update, the Tablet will automatically search for the latest available update. After the update has downloaded, go ahead and complete the installation. Once this is complete, audio will be restored to the speakers when using the Skype app.

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mpowelson On 2015-01-03, 1:23 AM

I have problems with my microphone when using Skype. The microphone is recognized but constantly cuts in and out. Accordingly to my system info, it is up to date. My build number and software version information is below.  Any help would be appreciated. 


Build Number YOGATablet2Pro-1380F_S00018

Software Version YOGA Tablet 2 Pro-1380F_141215

kluand On 2015-02-23, 11:56 AM

The same issue with my brand new YOGA Tablet 2 Pro-1380L. Only working solution was using the headphones. The microfone is cut probably by the poor filtering of the sounds from the speakers. Otherwise the microfone can be used with no problems on google now, recorder or communication app using the headphones. Probably a software issue and from my android experience the waranty can do nothing about it...


kluand On 2015-04-14, 7:05 AM

I have tested the skype call after the sotware update and skype update and the problem seems to be solved. The other party told me that the sound is a litle bit 'closed' like from a barel and not so loud but it was ok.

fishbone On 2015-05-05, 10:47 AM
Just saw this thread. Facing the same issue on the Yoga 8 2(new Intel version) so this seems to be a more general driver issue for Lenovo to fix. The system update the other week did not address the issue.
magaloo1 On 2015-05-10, 23:16 PM

hi Can anyone help

i have a 1380Land the problem is that whilst in use the rotate will all of a sudden not work, this also includes any app that uses the compass or vibration senses. rebooting sometime works but nine time out of ten it remains innoperative.

i get the feeling that it is a software error and not a hardware issue by the very nature of the fault.

is anyone else having this problem and has anyone any idea how to cure it as it is very annoying

 please help



claudianario On 2016-07-23, 23:07 PM

Lenovo should advice the market not to buy Yoga laptops if Skype is going to be needed to communicate.


Bad score to Lenovo!!


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