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Yoga 10 HD+ OTA update failed


System update may fail during installation. 

A typical error message:


Verifying current system...
assert failed: apply_patch_check("/system/app/LatinImeGoogle.apk", "d92eb573561a659bcdb35c18cafbde93a127aae9", "71c3b58f057a4f51c33ac96e87538ea784d7b1d6")

E:Error in /data/media/0/googleota/update.zip


(Status 7)


Installation aborted.


When checking for an OTA using image B8080_S003302_140507_ROW_WiFi or earlier, the update may fail during image verification.



Download and apply the full OTA manually.  See steps below.


  1. On your tablet, go to Settings -> Security and check “Unknown sources”
  2. In the pop up box, tap OK to confirm the change
  3. On your tablet, download and install LenovoFastOta_signed.apk

  4. In the pop up box, tap Next to confirm installation
  5. On your PC or tablet, download update.zip - it's 834MB

  6. Copy the update.zip file to the internal storage root of your tablet, or to the root of a microSD card

  7. On your tablet, launch the LenovoFastOta application
  8. Your tablet will reboot and apply the update

  9. Optional: For best security, go to Settings -> Security and uncheck “Unknown sources”

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bhinz On 2014-07-13, 11:31 AM

That doesn't work for me.


My tablet say:


Android system recovery <3e>


Volume up/down to move highlight;

power key or enter button to select.


reboot system now

apply update from ADB

wipe data/factory reset

wipe cache partition

apply update from sdcard



E:unknown volume for path [/sdcard0]

E:unknown volume for path [/sdcard1]

E:unknown volume for path [/sdcard2]

Finding update package...

E:failed to mount /sdcard (No such file or directory)

E:Can't mount /sdcard/update.zip

Installation aborted.



Any solution?

dejw On 2014-08-11, 14:24 PM

<p>I have same problem as <strong>bhinz<span><a target="_self" href="/t5/user/viewprofilepage/user-id/406994"></a></span></strong>. When I want download and update this <span><span>update: B8080_S102202_140716_ROW_3GData (879 MB), tablet show me everytime this error <img align="middle" src="/t5/image/serverpage/image-id/46275i58E21F7F740954B6/image-size/original?v=mpbl-1&amp;px=-1" alt="P1230773.JPG" border="0" title="P1230773.JPG"></span></span></p><p> </p><p>I have download and install again more then 10x, but not work and I have same error. Any help please? Thank you very much!!!</p>

dejw On 2014-08-11, 14:30 PM

I have same problem as bhinz. When I want download and update this update: B8080_S102202_140716_ROW_3GData (879 MB), tablet show me everytime this error P1230773.JPGI have download and install again more then 10x, but not work and I have same error. Any help please? Thank you very much!!!

uhu_maotouying On 2014-10-25, 2:58 AM

doesn't work on 4.3 .....140611,  …140404

Same error message





idhendry On 2014-11-02, 17:41 PM

My tablet only stops at android recovery mode after failed OTA update. How to resolve this? Brought it to Lenovo service center but they also couldn't reinstall it since this model is not available in my country yet. Please guide. Thanks.

faiqsubhani On 2015-05-24, 12:11 PM


muhimalm On 2015-09-23, 12:00 PM

Download the Lenovo Yoga tablet HD+ (B8080) - S003198_140828_ROW_3GData_SD+ firmware from lenovo russian forum......first you have to sign up for lenovo russian forums & sign in to download.Download link is(https://cloud.mail.ru/public/b1ade37fe9e1/B8080_S003198_140828_ROW_3GData_SD%2B.rar).Probably won't work without login.

Make a folder 'sdfuse' in  your sdcard & place the '.qsb' in it

reboot tablet pressing 'power' & volume down '-' key and select sd card update 


Use google translate to translate in English.


N.B:This firmware is Android  4.3.You can update after changing your region only.To change your region you have to search for '####6020#' and select any europian zone......tablet will reboot.Then you can update via OTA

The final build number would be '140922'

 For further information you can contact me via 'muhimalm@gmail.com'

valentine_o On 2018-03-02, 22:02 PM

Good evening guys.

I know this is an old thread for an old tab, but I really need help.

I updated my Lenovo B8080-S003313_140611_ROW_WIFI as soon as I got it last year. But I only got a 4.3 jelly bean update. I tried going OTA again but it tells me my system is upto date. Please what do I do??? This update.zip keeps giving errors and aborting.

And it appears it's the only way I can get to recovery mode because anytime I try to go there after switching off the tab, it gets stuck on the lenovo logo screen. I ALWAYS have to force the device off.

i've tried changing country code but it keeps telling me its need easyimage.zip.

Please what do I do? I really need help on this as I just got the tab laete last year and can't afford a new one for now.

Any form of assistance will be very much appreciated.

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