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Yoga 10 tablet HD+ won't start or charge

In some cases, an IdeaPad Yoga 10 HD+ (B8080) system may not start properly, or might not charge properly. If you have experienced these symptoms, please follow this procedure to resolve the problem.


  1.   Press and hold the Power button for 64 seconds.  (This will perform a soft system reset )
  2.   Update system to vision B8080_S102206_140922_ROW_3GData, B8080_S102207_140918_ROW_WiFi or above by OTA (Over-the-Air Technology).

    For how to update system, please click  here.

  3. Verify charging function to ensure unit is working normally

This is not the same as the factory reset option, and should not affect data.


If the issue remains after upgrading to this release or a newer one, please contact Lenovo Service for support.


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malayman On 2017-12-01, 10:38 AM
Good day. I have serious problem with the mouse pad of a lenovo yoga tablet10 - it will not work at all, but the keyboard buttons are working!!! In fact, the mouse pad cover falls off frequently when the keyboard is turned upside down!!! Please what do i do?
avmvyh On 2018-08-09, 17:37 PM

I have a problem with my B8000 Yoga 10' tablet in that after charging it overnight with the supplied charger, it booted only as far as the Lenovo logo on the screen. If you hold the power button in for several seconds it will turn off and when plugged into the charger it shows only an empty battery. I have tried various USB chargers with the same outcome.

I also tried going into the system settings by holding the power and volume buttons simultaneously for a few seconds and found no options under system repair, only the symbol of Lenovo, so that's not of any use.

This unit is beyond warranty. Are there any other suggestions for a cure to this problem? I was forced to send it to an authorised service centre. But they claim it has a faulty motherboard. Unfortunately in Bangalore india, where I live, this motherboard is not avilable. How doI get this motherboard? No.864768022617481 .Mavhinr type/model is Z0AJ59388205.

I shall be happy if any one comes forward with solutions.

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