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Yoga Tablet 2 10 - How to turn on the pulse notification light?


Yoga Tablet 2 10 - How to turn on the pulse notification light?


  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. In the left pane, tap Display.
  3. On the right, choose Light effect.
  4. Here is the screen where you can change the settings.


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mcl630 On 2014-12-01, 7:42 AM

The checking 'Charge' makes the notification light blink while charging, but checking the 'New Email' and 'Other unread notifications' boxes isn't doing anything.   I have new emails, but the light doesn't blink.


jonas_hendrickx On 2014-12-08, 16:08 PM

@mcl630: I will test that. Are you using Gmail or the standard Email app?

mcl630 On 2014-12-15, 2:01 AM

I'm using Gmail.

mxw3000 On 2014-12-29, 0:45 AM

I have exactly the same problem: no notification light except charging. 

Everything is turned on in settings, but the light is not flashing on new email (gmail).


How to solve the problem? 




ErfanFarshchi On 2015-01-20, 12:55 PM


Same problem here on my yoga tablet 2 pro, again no notification light for email (using gmail) and unread notifications, just works when charging. Considering this useful feature, not being able to use it on the other hand for notifications is a disappointment. Please address a workaround for this problem.


Mathayus On 2015-02-10, 13:54 PM

I have the same problem. is there any solution? Do you have to wait for the update?

richie10723 On 2015-05-09, 17:42 PM

Hi, there is the the same problem for my Yoga 2 8.

craigp23 On 2016-07-18, 14:05 PM

I'm seeing the same on the Yoga Tab 3.


Pulse light works well during charging but not for notifications. Big problem for me!


Anyone received help from Lenovo support? Thanks!

NateS On 2017-09-22, 16:04 PM

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