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Yoga Tablet 2 Android: How to perform a factory reset


How do I factory reset the Yoga 2 Tablet (Android)?


If you are able to boot into Android, you can go to Settings->Backup & reset:







Select Factory data reset at the bottom:







Here you can check "Back up data before resetting", which will prompt you to back up to either your external sdcard (if you have one installed) or to Lenovo's SyncIt app (if you don't have an external sdcard card).  Otherwise, you check "Format internal SD card" to procede directly to the reset without backing up.  Make your selection, then tap the Reset tablet button to perform the reset (and optional backup if you selected the first option).



If you are unable to boot Android, you can still perform a factory reset from recovery.   Power off the tablet.  Then power the tablet back on while holding down both the Power and Volume Up buttons.  You will see the "Droidboot" menu:






At the "Droidboot" menu, use the Volume Up and Down buttons to highlight "Recovery" in yellow, then press the Power button to select it.  The tablet will reboot into recovery.  In recovery, you'll be prompted to select a language (English or Chinese), then you will reach the recovery menu:






Tap "wipe user data" here to perform the factory reset.  When it finishes, tap "reboot" to reboot into Android.


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threlly On 2015-01-10, 11:33 AM

Hi...when performing a factory reset/boot, before you reset can you back up to SD card, remove the SD card then reinstall the SD card after you've completed the reset?

Hamito On 2015-06-24, 17:41 PM



I have a Yoga 8 (B6000) which can only boot as far as the "Lenovo" black & white screen. Using the volume & power buttons, I've tried to reboot and also to wipe the cache, but I don't want to do a factory reset as I understand this will delete all files on the tablet.


One of the options available is to reboot from SD card. Is it possible to download the necessary files in order to do this and if so, where can I find them ? There was a link to a site in Russian suggested earlier in the forum, but I don't want to risk the possibility of not understanding the menu options in Russian.


I have photos & sound file on the tablet, so I am keen to try anything to get them back. Any help would be much appreciated.





dragnoak On 2015-12-01, 8:35 AM
fidel25 On 2016-07-28, 6:45 AM


I have a problem that after doing facotry reset from tablet's settings menu my tablet didn't start.

It keeps reboot with Lenovo logo.

I've entered Lenovo-Recovery and tried to wipe user data but it starts and fails after few minutes.

Is there any other solution ?

Maybe some rom to flash from SDCard ????


Knackers32 On 2016-08-13, 4:43 AM

Hi, I've got the same problem that the Yoga 8 won't reboot after the factory reset.


Any solutions out there?



bravobuller On 2016-09-24, 18:15 PM

i've performed a reset, after a failed update.

but now after the reset, it wont start. the Lenovo start-up screen appears, but then the screen, fades out.

then nothing.


any ideas, what can be wrong, or how i can get it back to life again??



dpaden50 On 2017-01-18, 21:10 PM

I had a problem in my Yoga Tablet A10 8000 series where initially the battery icon was intermittently showing no charge and the true charge. It was not on a consistent time window but more randomly timed. The true charge display would continue for anywhere from 5 seconds to an hour. The false no charge display usually displayed for much longer periods. I could tell what the current battery icon display was when the tablet was turned off because it would display the battery icon level when I had the tablet charging. When the false no charge condition was currently displayed the tablet would not boot. I am not sure that any outside physical condition affected whether the battery icon was displaying correctly or falsely. Eventually I could not get the icon to display anything but the false no charge display and thus could not get the tablet to boot up using the power up button. After some research I found John24brown's comment from 02/02/2015 "I also went into the system settings by holding the power and volume buttons simultaneously for a few seconds and found no options under system repair, only the symbol of an android lying on its back, so that's not a lot of use." I found the options by making one of the initial selections then selecting it with the volume down button toggle and then fiddling more with the volume button to proceed to the next level of options to do a factory reset and reboot. After that the system did the factory reset and rebooted (I had saved my data on my laptop as a backup before the issue got very bad). I initialized the tablet as when I first got the tablet brand new. I have not had any problem with the battery icon since (now it displays the appropriate battery charge level). Seems like all this was a software issue (I do not know whether the root cause was something like an improper operating system or application program coding or an inadvertant garbaging of program data) since I never replaced or otherwise fixed any hardware. I hope this helps someone else with the same issues.

Hanietry On 2017-05-04, 9:36 AM

 It is said that the factory reset program is not good for your phone , especially the android users.after factory reset , the phone data can get deleted , so more and more people like to reset phone to deleted phone data , just as what they think, in this way the phone data was deleted from phone without using any tool,

Do you think the data readlly was permanently deleted from phone ?

Masilerty On 2017-05-09, 3:25 AM

I don't have try to use the Erasephone , because the Erasephone app need to us to install this app on computer , i have not succeed accomplish this install program , so i gave up, then it is the Safewipe that helped me erase phone data ,i want to add, the factory rest is not goog way to do

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