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Yoga Tablet 2 Android: Inserting a Micro SDCard of 64GB or larger results in error


When you insert a new Micro SDCard of 64GB or larger, you receive an error message "Blank Extra Storage Card."


The Android versions of the Yoga Tablet 2 do not currently support Micro SDCards in the exFAT format.  SDCards of 64GB and larger are typically pre-formatted as exFAT.  FAT32 is the only currently supported format.


The tablet can reformat the card to FAT32 for you.  Insert the card into the tablet.  Drag down from the notification bar to see the notifications:





Tap on the notification that says "Blank Extra Storage Card".  You will be presented with the choice to "Format" or "Cancel".  Tap "Format" and the card will be reformatted to FAT32 and will now function in the tablet.


WARNING:  This will erase any files you have stored on the card.

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Sigma0013 On 2015-07-02, 16:06 PM
PHM1973 On 2015-07-02, 16:08 PM

Ok the answer as to how to update was right in front of my face.  Boy, frustration can make you blind.   Anyway -- it is now 7/2/2015 --- does anyone know if it is now safe to update the Android software on my Lenovo Yoga 2 tablet --- or are they still having problems?

gneubauer On 2015-07-02, 16:14 PM

Nothing I did helped with the problem. Updates did not help. Disabling sleep didn't help. The only solution that I found that worked was to buy a Sandisk card. Switched to it, and the problem disappeared.

PHM1973 On 2015-07-02, 19:26 PM
*It worked --- Did the update --- the tablet then allowed reformatting of
the SD card. Hooray --- many thanks to those who contributed.!!!!*

Steve_the_TAM On 2015-09-09, 23:27 PM

Pleased you guys got it working.

vladi1 On 2016-02-13, 19:24 PM
I have a problem of this type: The Tablet remove the sd card samsung 32 gig unexpectedly without reason and you have to restart the device for reuse. I brought the Tablet twice in assistance, but the problem persists. Someone knows how to fix it? thank you.
daleydan21 On 2016-02-23, 19:27 PM

I have just bought a Lenovo A10-30 tablet. When I insert a Micro SD card how do I donwload to it. I am a complete novice re tablets!!


hmlan67 On 2016-06-12, 14:22 PM

You have to put it in the sdcard-reader,n then to your Pc and you are able to copy and past between the storages?

Joe999 On 2017-04-07, 0:30 AM

Need to patch so that the internl card reader works with EXFAT or NTFS formats.  Limiting to FAT32 (4GB File Limit) in this day and age is unacceptable.  It's 2017 - and common to work with video files that are >4GB.

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