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Yoga Tablet 8: How To Remove a MicroSD or Micro SIM Card


I attempted to install a SD memory card in the Micro SD card slot on the rear bottom, but have noticed the blank that is already provided in the slot is quite longer than the actual micro SD card.


If I push the SD card in all the way, it is shorter than the blank and disappears into the slot. How do I remove it? I need to swap it out.


The Micro SD and Micro SIM cards fit fully flush in the slot. To remove the card, push the card a bit further in and it will pop out slightly on release. The blank 'dummy' cards provided are designed to assist with removing the cards and should be used for this purpose.


Remember to power the tablet off completely and unmount the external SD card via Settings/ Storage before removing either of the cards.


The image below shows how you can use the 'dummy' card to push the card out.




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webber80 On 2014-02-25, 12:53 PM

I not so sure it's always that easy. Keep the blank (longer) card, you may need it to try and release the micro SD card that's in the slot. I had to send mine back to Lenovo because it wouldn't release and ended up stuck so far up the slot, it needed to be taken apart to get it out! It's a very poor design and I'll be selling mine, which is such a shame, it's a great tablet. Paul

xiobatlenovo On 2014-05-12, 18:40 PM


I got a tablet Yoga series 8 for mothers day . I have several questions but this

Is the one that concern me so far.The 8gb sdhc I inserted in the slot is not been recognized

By the laptop. What could be the problem?

If I cannot use the SD card reader read the New card I inserted then this tablet does

not work for me I would have it to be return.


Hope someone can help me with this problem


John5566 On 2014-05-13, 12:09 PM
My Singtel micro sim card is too big to fit in the sim card slot for Yoga tablet 8, can anyone help on this?
John5566 On 2014-05-13, 12:21 PM

<p><img align="center" src="/t5/image/serverpage/image-id/40746iFAD9D436326AD515/image-size/original?v=mpbl-1&amp;px=-1" border="0" title alt></p>

John5566 On 2014-05-13, 12:25 PM


John5566 On 2014-05-13, 12:26 PM

Just post the image, this micro SIM card  working fine in iPad, but not able to fit in Yoga 8, please help me urgently



kennylxix On 2014-06-30, 15:03 PM

You sir, have a mini sim, not a micro sim.  




The mini sim can be cut down carefully to the micro sim formfactor as the actual curcuitry is only as big as the micro and the rest is just plastic.  Or you can get a micro from your providor (the iphone 5/5c/5s all use micro sims)

ronansleep On 2014-07-14, 8:31 AM

buy a 'dental mirror and scaler' set .


using the hook tool makes it relatively easy to manage  removal or insertion of microsd cards.


still, nul points for lenovo re design and labelling of the slots. i first inserted the sd into the sim  slot. fortunately the dental hook tool got it out, even thought it was barely visible

ejames1 On 2014-08-03, 16:32 PM

Hi there, does this work on the yoga tablet 10? Also I am having the same issue as webber80 where I just put in the sd cardand it's gone all the way up. I am going to have to do what webber80 did. May I also ask the black blank card what is it for?

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