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Want to test your Lenovo Android phone or tablet?Looking for a quick and easy way to find solutions and tips for your Lenovo device?

Lenovo is now making available,  a self-diagnostic mobile app called Lenovo Companion app formerly known as “Serviceit” for our Lenovo Android device customers.  


Now available on Google's Play Store !


Supported devices:

  • Lenovo Android tablet.
  • Lenovo Android Smartphones. 

Here is the Lenovo Companion icon following the successful installation on a Lenovo mobile devices.



Here are some of the functions for this app:
This application is intended as a single click reference point to access the support site, our forums, technical tips (solutions) and videos related to the device the app is installed upon, along with a helpful set of diagnostic tools to test key functions of the device.   The ability to test individual features like camera, audio, microphone within the diagnostic are potentially helpful to validate the hardware is working correctly if audio / video is not working within other apps. 


  1. Look for solution tips and videos that suit your Lenovo Android devices
  2. Self-diagnose different device components functionality such as Touch Screen,Display ,rear and front camera, microphone, WiFi, Proximity Sensor ,Battery,Speakers,Receiver,etc.
  3. Check for Android firmware updates.
  4. Get more related support from Lenovo e-Support Website and Lenovo Community Forums.

Screenshot of the home page of the app.  


                                Main Screen                                                                            Menu/Settings Menu     Screenshot1_sml.jpg                      Screenshot2_sml.jpg


The diagnostics section provides tests for most of the devices key features.     


Screenshot3_sml.jpg                     Screenshot4_sml.jpg



Solutions and videos provided by this app are sourced from Lenovo Support website and are automatically filtered to display those relevant to your device only.


 Screenshot5_sml.jpg                  Screenshot6_sml.jpg


The app is constantly updated and improved ,on some devices you may encounter some issues/limitations (that's why your opinion is very important to us) :


  1. App rotation does not work on some devices
  2. Users may encounter “server error” or “We cannot identify your device” error message when looking for solutions or videos
  3. ROM and RAM info showed in the app may not match what is displayed within Android tablet settings

 We appreciate your feedback on any other operational issues encountered.  


Where to download?


Now available on Google's Play Store:


You can also download the apk from:


Alternatively, use a barcode scanner app to scan on the code below to initiate the download process (from the Play Store).




Please let us know what you think about this app in these short surveys (Part A and Part B), which should not take more than five minutes.


Was this information helpful?


perfect basic idea.. i check it out ..Smiley Happy


.. download install update all fine working...


now a button  <changeOS> and i am happy Smiley Wink



Run All Tests must get a play /cancel / SKIP   

not only a play / cancel !





 Seems OK  ......... Time will tell but so far it seems stable I do agree an option to select multiple tests as opposed to a kind of all or nothing ui on the hardware would be useful ....... As it is not always practical to run all tests or indeed do the one at a time.

Like I say time will tell but it is a pretty reasonable beta and a good thought

Serviceit has become the Lenovo Companion....Improved functionality and a cool new UI !




  t1screenshot_2015-02-16-15-50-22.jpeg  tscreenshot_2015-02-16-15-51-31.jpeg  tscreenshot_2015-02-16-15-50-31.jpeg


                                         tscreenshot_2015-02-16-15-50-59.jpeg  tscreenshot_2015-02-16-16-29-36.jpeg



Pretty nice APP to check the systems of the Hardware. I found two typos . You meant Front camera and rear camera.Screenshot_2015-03-03-20-34-23-069.jpeg



The app uses your phone/tablet pre-set language.If there's a translation problem....Isn't the app's ''fault''.


With the exlcusion of the application update mechanism for the program,

(and an occassional crash, but hey... it's beta) it works nicely.


Inside the app, the update fails due to a 'parsing error', and the google play release isn't compatible with the yoga 2 1050 for some reason.


Since the google play release isn't available,

could you post  the updated version [ (released 2015-05-19 11:03:37)] to this page?




Not Compatible with my device  Yoga 2 1050 F with lollipop 5.01 received update last night


Not compatible with my device (YOGA 2 1050F w/ Lollipop 5.01 update).  Just got the update last night,  too. And I lost Google Play Movies functionality &  I can't find out how to rectify the problem. Really annoying. 


It says its not compatible with my device?!  Tab 2 A10-70F????!!!!  Download it anyway?!


I'm still trying to figure out why no signal goes through cable from tablet's headphone jack to the iSimple device that puts signal from a phone or tablet into car stereo.

Tried Lenovo Companion - test on headphone jack failed (both with cable unplugged, and with it plugged into car stereo device). Looking at Solutions in Companion - most appropriate seems to be "Unable to hear through receiver or speakers".

Click on that - and I get a page about using XFINITY WiFi. I'm already connected to my home wi-fi. Clicked on other issues and got "normal" pages. Restarted tablet. Made sure I was connected to home wi-fi. Same process - same dumb and useless XFINITY page.

How can I see the material I should see when I click on "Unable to hear through receiver or speakers"?


Actually it does not work with Android 5.0.1. When can we expected version compatibile with Androdid 5.0.1?


Playstore stating not compatible with the Yoga tablet 2 1050F ? ? ? ? Why ?


 On Tab2 A10-70F try downloading version 1.2.0. Worked for mine. Upgrade to the latest version does not however.


 Apologies, response was for ServiceIt


I have the Lenovo B6000-F tablet.  WLAN will NOT turn on. 


How do I down load it since it's only for Android?  I would download it on my Win 8 laptop, but Google Play Store will not let me.  Even if I could (download it), how could - would I open it?


If I was able to open it, how (without WiFi NOR Bluetooth would I run it on the tablet?


As far as I can tell, every other function on the tablet is working.


REMINDER, since I do not have WiFi, you would have to notify / contact me via e-mail on-on my laptop.  E-mail address is: 




Be WELL 'n be SAFE!