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Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2-1050L different displays?

I have 3 tablets Lenovo Yoga Tabet 2-1050L. Tablets are like the same but have different colors on the displays with the same settings. On one tablet white is white, and on two white is so slightly yellow? These two tablets have a warmer color and better color saturation.
I downloaded some application to test the screen and I can clearly see the difference, I also paste some pictures that I made for comparison. What could this be because? The tablets have not been unscrewed, because they all have original seals, but this one has a different screen or other factory settings when displaying colors? The last photo shows the screen settings that are the same. Brightness is set at maximum.I would also ask for an explanation of what is going on if someone knows.P1160162.JPGP1160163.JPGP1160164.JPGP1160165.JPGP1160166.JPGP1160167.JPGP1160168.JPGP1160169.JPGP1160170.JPGP1160171.JPGP1160172.JPG

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