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What's DOS?
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Lenovo Yoga YT3-X50F does not charge


I have a problem with a YT3-X50F the battery does not charge. I changed the battery with a new one and as usual it came half charged. I was able to start the tablet but the battery was still not charging and a couple of days later the new battery was empty of charge. The power plug was detected, i could read the tablet on a pc as long as the battery had power in it.  I thought then it could be the USB connector so I bought a new one but still the same. If someone in here has a clue for my problem I would really be grateful.

What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo Yoga YT3-X50F does not charge

I've had the same issue since last year. At first the tablet was sporadic with charging but would eventually charge after not powering on. Then towards September it wasnt charging anymore. I got a new battery and like you it was half charged and showed the the tablet wasn't charging. I eventually rigged it to where it would charge if I moved the cable in the port the right way - like at a 60 degree angle etc. but eventually even this didnt work after I had to resort to using rubberbands to keep it down and charging. I changed the port out and all was well from november to late december when it my sister let it drain to 0%. Since then as of 4/22/2019 it hasn't charged/powered on. I know if I just got another battery it will work fine till it dies again. Same make and model, this is issue with this line of tablets that many has had. I spent all last year looking it up and that's why many just give up on it. At this point I wanna see it through.

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