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Note Saver or Lenovo Paper? You Tell Us.


Thanks for continuing to give us feedback about your user experience regarding our products.

In this thread we would like to you to help us choose how we should name the Note Saver software.

Note Saver was specifically designed for Yoga Book 1st generation devices. The app is a simple-to-use writing tool that allows users to take notes and sketch as naturally as putting pen to paper. Here are some of the key features in Note Saver.

· Quick Notes, long press on Yoga Book from any mode can trigger it.

· Create content, you can edit your note using three different methods; pen, pencil, marker. There are also; customizable colors, multiple paper types (blank, ruled, graph and more), and text, pictures and audio recordings can be inserted into your notes.

· Manage content,  you can personalize each of your notebooks’ cover and titles, search your text notes, easily export your pages to other supporting apps and share your notes to other Yoga Books.

We will release an updated version of the app once we’ve decided whether or not we need to rename.
Here are top functions in priority order:

1. Natural handwriting experience.
2. Value added handwriting experience to other apps (Through share/sync).
3. Quick launch.
4. Professional note taking and smart convert.

Help us decide between two names;  “Note Saver” or  “Lenovo Paper”.  Which do you prefer?  Please let us know your thoughts or, if you have any other wonderful suggestions we would be happy to consider them as well so, let us know them as well.

Thank you in advance


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Re: Note Saver or Lenovo Paper? You Tell Us.

Lenovo Paper


The ability to import PDF's would be helpful

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Re: Note Saver or Lenovo Paper? You Tell Us.

If you are going to release the app on other devices then call it Note Saver. If it is for Yoga Book only then Lenovo Paper is fine.

I would like to see cloud backups from this app.
Fanfold Paper
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Re: Note Saver or Lenovo Paper? You Tell Us.

I'm fine with the Note Saver app's name, what I'm not okay with is how the Note Saver / Digitizer shortcut on the Yoga Book (Android) minimizes the current appliction and only brings up only the note saver preview which is now no longer useful if i am browsing/shopping/reading and just want to jot down a quick note without looking at it.


This device has some impressive features, both in aethstetics, build quality, and functionality with most touchscreen apps, but its inability to accomadate 3rd party note taking apps effectivley with the digitizer prevents me from recommending the Yoga Book to colleagues who are curious enough to ask.


I think it's pretty silly to ask your customers about something as trivial as the name when they've been asking for increased functionality and flexibility in and around the note saver app/shortcut for at least a year now.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Note Saver or Lenovo Paper? You Tell Us.

Personally, I think Lenovo Paper is a better name. In the app itself, I find it annoying that even when using the writing mode of the keyboard (with the stylus), your finger is still able to draw on the screen. In similar apps such as MS Onenote, your finger can be used to scroll while using a stylus to write with. Also, it would be nice to have infinite scroll in Note Saver/Lenovo paper. A way to disable note saver from popping up when switching modes with the halo keyboard would be nice as well.

Paper Tape
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Re: Note Saver or Lenovo Paper? You Tell Us.

Lenovo Paper

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