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Paper Tape
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YOGA Tab 3 8 stopped working (power On issue)

I bought Yoga Tab 3 around 2 months ago and have been using the same on daily basis.

Today morning, after putting the tab for charging for about 2 hours, I removed the charger.

To my surprise, While pressing On/off button, the display asking for security pattern wasn't shown.Instead Tab went dead with no display Or any response to any workaround (popularly known workarounds like pressing on/off button for10-20 sec didn't help).

Even connecting it to laptop couldn't reveal anything, as it was not detected there.

Request you to please help me at the earliest as most of my important work files are stored in it and I have lost an access to them

Fanfold Paper
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Re: YOGA Tab 3 8 stopped working (power On issue)

Sorry for the late response and I hope you have been able to recover.


A question first, with the tablet supposedly "off" if you plug the USB charger into the tablet does anything happen?


To force a reboot press and hold the power button, while holding the power button press and hold the volume down button until the screen lights up. That should reboot your tablet if it actually still "on" but in a hosed state with the screen off. I suspect by now your battery has died so you should be able to just plug it in, let it charge a bit and then turn it on.

What's DOS?
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Re: YOGA Tab 3 8 stopped working (power On issue)

Hi. Could I ask if you manage to sort anything out with this please? I have the same problem. I have struggled to contact Lenovo and when I finally got an answer  agree getting told they'd contactm me back (they never did) they just about told that they don't care and they won't do anything, I have 7 or 8 Lenovo products in my house and because I thought they were a quality brand (I never needed customer service until now), I was very wrong and this will be my last Lenovo purchase, I will also warn everybody that I know. Many thanks in advance.

Punch Card
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Re: YOGA Tab 3 8 stopped working (power On issue)

I thought my battery had died, and was surprised that it came on after 3 months of just sitting. This happened after I tried charging it again before taking it to the repair shop where my home-built PC is (problem with Windows, not the hardware) now. The tablet came on, and while on, I checked the battery state of charge on a battery app and in settings: 100% charged. But, the display shows that it's not charging at this time. I touched the on button again, and now it just shows the Lenovo logo. Do I need another power button, charging port, battery, or a combination of any or all? I've not replaced this tablet (bought in 2016) because I have it set-up as I like it, after quite a struggle with a bogus Lenovo upgrade fiasco (from 5.1 to 6.0) that incapacitated it for a long time.

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