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How do I clear/delete bookmarks using the included browser on the YT3-8?


If you open the browser you will see four icons on the upper right, a star (which will bookmark the current page), a magnifying lens (which will bring up a search bar), a bookmark flag (lists all of your bookmarks and history) and then the three dots for settings.


If you click on the third icon, the bookmark flag, it will bring you to your bookmarks. To modify or delete any bookmark simply press and hold on the icon. A menu will come up with the option to delete the bookmark. 

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I have two email accounts on my Moto, one I use every day and is my primary email address and another which is an unused account. It doesn't receive or send any mail as I don't give anyone the address and I don't send any mail through it.

So, essentially I don't need it.

Would any of you smart people out there be able to delete it?

It's just sitting there underneath my primary address, doing nothing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks and kind regards

Dark Venture