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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Yoga Tab 3 Pro 4300 MAH battery!?!

Well, after more than a month, I have my tab in my hands again.

I send it to RMA on 11-26-2017, and received on 3-1-2018...


I hope to explain well, english is not my native language Smiley Wink


I have some bad news...


They change the 2 batteries, and the control pbc that manage energy.

Then, install Android 6 (without april update).


I start the tab, and again, only 4.300mah is showing.


They told me all capacity (10.200mah) are in use, due the pbc energy manager switch correctly into both batteries.



- Replaced 2 batteries and pbc energy control
- Install first Android 6 update (no april update, so this update is not the problem)
- Battery capacity continue showing as 4.300mah
- Results: I charge the unit at 100%. and with normal use (only wifi and brightness less than 50%), only 5 hours of screen.
- Conclusion: Android 6 on this tab is eating the 10.200mah battery :/


(I send a pic of the batteries replacement)

Punch Card
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Re: Yoga Tab 3 Pro 4300 MAH battery!?!

Thank you for the information update. I was waiting to see if you had success before I sent my tablet for repair. Seems like I would be wasting my time getting it done. Bad news Smiley Sad

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Yoga Tab 3 Pro 4300 MAH battery!?!

I think it would be a great waste of time.. :/

What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga Tab 3 Pro 4300 MAH battery!?!

I contacted Lenovo on facebook about this since they don't seem to actively monitor their own community threads..

Person i spoke with basically washed his hands, and said put it into servicing.

There doesn't seem to be ANY ownership or responsibility on the dev side for resolving their own messup. 

i'm very bitter on this, and will be actively warning others on buying lenovo products.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Yoga Tab 3 Pro 4300 MAH battery!?!

I have a problem with the Yoga tab 3 pro.mine is 2gb version. after update it stopped charging and detecting the battery. i did some search on the net and wanted to try to fix it myself. to keep it short i opened it myself. this model has 2 batteries inside. one is inside the tablet the other one is like the old models inside the turning stand. inside the turning stand there are 2 batteries like the ones used in electronic cigarettes and laptop batteries. the other one inside the tablet its like a normal phone battery a flat one. that one has a capacity of 4100mha. the other 2 cells inside the stand is 6200mha so all together make like 6200mha. I think only the 4100 one is recognized as a main battery. because when i disconnected that one the tablet was still working without any power connected. i think since that one is the main battery somehow its shows the capacity of only that one. i hope this answers your question.
Fanfold Paper
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Re: Yoga Tab 3 Pro 4300 MAH battery!?!


I just found out the reason for showing 4300mAh battery instead of 8500mAh. The same must be for yours too.


I talked to a technician. He told me that there are two 4300mAh bateries wired in serries, in the Lenovo Yoga Book (and other Lenovo tablets). Which means the tablet works on 12 volts. 

8500mAh is the total capacity of two batteries that are valued at 3.8volts. Combined together in serries, they are boosted to 12v and run at 4300mAh.
Its a kind of semi scam by the Lenovo company, where they advertise the battery as 8500mAh (or 10050mAh in other models), which is a common practise in other popular brands.
Late for you but hope it helps everyone.
Thank you.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Yoga Tab 3 Pro 4300 MAH battery!?!

its have sense... thanks!!

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Yoga Tab 3 Pro 4300 MAH battery!?!

SOLVED mostly. Just bought 2nd hand 64gb yoga tab 3 pro. Battery was eating itself. Realised it was the same issue i had with my google pixel 2 a couple of years ago on android 6 i think. Battery drain (under settings, battery) the first day with tab pro was 5% screen and 15% android system. Screen should be worst drain by a mile. Like my pixel on android 6 this is rogue apps driving android nuts in the background. Install Greenify to shut them up. Follow instructions carefully. I also install "Dimly" for screen dimming. Worked for me on pixel and working now for tab pro. Projected for an hour and a half and still had 70% reserves. That would equate to nearly 5 hours with projector. As with pixel I've had to do one restart since as android system lost it's mind again (without Greenify catching it) but its been fine again since. Be careful with apps you install too and if everything goes south check your recent apps list. This forum helped me re-figure it out with diagnostic test mode showing that both batteries are actually running. Great that i found this because i was about to send the tablet back to ebay supplier. Glad i didn't, it's an awesome piece of kit!!! Hope this helps. 

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