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Yoga Tablet 2 Android: Inserting a Micro SDCard of 64GB or larger results in error


When you insert a new Micro SDCard of 64GB or larger, you receive an error message "Blank Extra Storage Card."


The Android versions of the Yoga Tablet 2 do not currently support Micro SDCards in the exFAT format.  SDCards of 64GB and larger are typically pre-formatted as exFAT.  FAT32 is the only currently supported format.


The tablet can reformat the card to FAT32 for you.  Insert the card into the tablet.  Drag down from the notification bar to see the notifications:





Tap on the notification that says "Blank Extra Storage Card".  You will be presented with the choice to "Format" or "Cancel".  Tap "Format" and the card will be reformatted to FAT32 and will now function in the tablet.


WARNING:  This will erase any files you have stored on the card.

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sprog On 2014-12-17, 8:39 AM

I have a brand new Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro 13" and a Samsung 64gb micro sd card. The tablet has not recognised the card ever. I reformatted to Fat32 on Windos 7 and it couldn't mount on OS X, Linux or Windows. So I reformatted it to FAT on a Mac and could recognise it on both a Mac and Windows 7. On Windows 7 I copied a load of stuff to the card. When I insert it into the tablet, still nothing.


I am inserting face down and gold contacts at top. It goes 90% into slot but there isnt a feel of a click or anything. Android does not recognise that I have inserted an sd card.


Am I not inserting all the way? Should I feel a slight click. Can someone provide a video clip of inserting it please if possible or a photo?





PS very frustrated.

sprog On 2014-12-18, 8:30 AM

I can now see card after re-refprmatting it. But it now unmounts itse3lf after a short period of time and I have to turn off tablet, reinsert card aaaaaaagain and then restart to see it. Is there a fix for this?

Sigma0013 On 2015-02-24, 0:10 AM

I had similar problems with mounting a 64GB uSDXC card-- this has since been fixed with an OTA update and formatting it as NTFS in windows  (Your mileage may vary). 

I wouldn't want to format it as a FAT volume if you can avoid it as it'll limit you to a <4GB file size among other things.

Steve_the_TAM On 2015-03-05, 21:42 PM

After numerous hours it dawned on me that even though the unit is new, would it have the latest build? 


No would be the answer. Updated both my yoga 8 & 10 to latest android build. Both now automatically see and can format the 64gb Micro SDXC cards.



To be clear. Both these units were purchased direct from lenovo last week and arrived today. Both couldn't see the Sandisk Micro SD card 64gb sdxc. Both could see my 32gb SD card. I tried formatting on PC, phones and other tablets. I tried specialist software all to no avail. Both had blank SD card or unknown file structure. Both had external memory is in an unknown state when trying to format as described above.


Solution was to check tablet version and click system update. As soon as tablets updated the cards could be formatted in the tablet.


Ronnie_S On 2015-04-08, 1:13 AM

What Steve ^^ said.  System update and it should work fine.  I'm running a 64gb sdxc on 8" Yoga 2 after updating.

gneubauer On 2015-04-30, 18:31 PM

Had a Samsung 64GB SD card and it kept unmounting, whenever my yoga tablet 2 pro came out of sleep mode. Replaced the card with an equivalent Sandisk card and the problem disappeared. I've seen a lot of posts about this problem with Samsung on lenovo tablets.

Ronnie_S On 2015-04-30, 18:40 PM
There was an earlier suggestion to update the operating system. I did and
my 64gb worked after that.

Ronnie_S On 2015-04-30, 18:46 PM
I still have the freezing after sleep issue. Waiting for reports before I
upgrade to the release yesterday.

PHM1973 On 2015-07-02, 15:24 PM

Steve & Ronni:  I have same problem on brand new Yoga 2 830 with SanDisk microSDXC card.  If the updating of the tablet works I need to do it.  Dumb question:  How do I update the tablet to the latest android build??????  Thanks from an extremely frustrated user.

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