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Token Ring
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Re: Yoga Tablet 2 series Android 5 Lollipop experiences and problems

there all the same its the actual touch screen itself. and its terribly uncomfy to hold i dont thimk od buy another product of this nbrand. theres the keyboard going again. i can type with 2 hands pefect via a laptop.

Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga Tablet 2 series Android 5 Lollipop experiences and problems

My tablet just updated to 5.0.1 and after solving the Google services issue, I've found that I am no longer unable to view Comixology cops without the content being blurred. Is anyone else having similar issues?

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Yoga Tablet 2 series Android 5 Lollipop experiences and problems

I'm hoping that someone from lenovo is checking this thread as they did put it together 


I'm now at point where I'm having to restart tablet everyday, tablet is constantly freezing and I get lenovo launcher or lenovo UI stopped working daily.  I am literally left starring at a black screen at times, and can't even restart as when it asks if I want to restart and gives me the yes/no option that button is unresponsive because of the tablet freezing.  


 I thought the problem free good times couldn't last.  I actually still like my Yoga 2 10.1 but my old and battered Samsung g3 phone is way more stable than this tablet.  Need some big fixes.

Token Ring
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Re: Yoga Tablet 2 series Android 5 Lollipop experiences and problems

im done with this tablet evberything about it is awful. its uncomfortable and heavy to hold. crap os. horrible camera options and transfering problems. its bascially only good for kids or watching tv on. bye lenovo.

Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga Tablet 2 series Android 5 Lollipop experiences and problems

Is there any battery draining issue after the update

I have 3 lenovo phones. P70A after update swrewed up. And A7600 tablet I don want to update .

Now I baught yoga tablet 2 10.1 . there is also update but due to bad experience after p70 upgrade from kitkat to lollipop.

I am scared to upgrade my yoga tab 2.

I am concerned only about battery draining. If battery is OK I can upgrade . I baught lenovo only because of awesome battery. Now p 70/sucks like Samsung.

Plz let me know
Punch Card
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Re: Yoga Tablet 2 series Android 5 Lollipop experiences and problems

Well, all I can tell you is what I did to upgrade, which might help the process.  This assumes you have a good wifi bandwidth, etc. and you haven't done anything third party on your tablet, like third party (non-Google) apps or rooted the tablet by now, etc.  Also, this assumes your battery is charge to 100%.


1.  Upgraded all Kit Kat firmware to the latest and stopped.  (Have some things to do before jumping to the Lollipop upgrade...)


2.  Backed off any data files, photos, etc that I want to keep safe.  (I don't have an SD card; I just emailed the few items I had to myself, and it sat out on Yahoo mail server until I finished the upgrade...)


3.  Did a factory reset to get the tablet down to factory issue state.


4.  Don't do any upgrades of apps, etc; go directly to OTA and upgrade to Lollipop.


5.   Lollipop should be fine at this point.  The only thing I've experienced is now and then I can't get into Google Play but I just reboot the tablet and its fine.  Still looking into that problem, but its intermittent and not too big a deal. 


** My tablet is charging just fine.   I use the recharging adapter that it came with when I bought it new.  Its a shorter cable, and I've heard that the longer cables you buy at the store might cause a problem with charging.  Don't know if its true or not, since I don't use them.


Note: I have a Yoga Tab 2 8"  (830F)

Token Ring
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Re: Yoga Tablet 2 series Android 5 Lollipop experiences and problems


I did a striaght update from KK to Lollipop and all is good apart from the known Battery charging problem which Lenovo has known about since ‎06-28-2015 10:18 AM, they've also pushed out 2 small updates and neither sorted the battery bug out and in fact some are reporting that the last update is giving them screen flickering. The update never gave that little Gem lol.

Hope this you to decide

Punch Card
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Re: Yoga Tablet 2 series Android 5 Lollipop experiences and problems

Which is why I went down to factory-issued KitKat before proceeding with the Lollipop install...    Yes, you have to restore all of your apps and data, but it beats dealing with the charging, flickering, etc nonsense.  SHould you have to do this to load Lollipop?  Of course not. 


The other option is wait until Marshmallow comes out and hope that the Marshmallow roll-out fairs better.

Punch Card
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Re: Yoga Tablet 2 series Android 5 Lollipop experiences and problems

Why am I writing this post?

I do not know how many Yoga tablets Lenovo has sold, but I assume it’s a substantial quantity. Reading about issues users have experienced makes the Yoga almost appear like a bad product. Please keep in mind that only very few users with no problems will even look for, let alone at, this forum. So it is natural that most posts will be about problems and issues, which might skew the overall view of the product. For myself I can say that I have had my share of small hiccups (which is no different from my experience with other devices), but nothing that could not be solved, and, therefore, I consider the tablet a good buy and would recommend it to others (despite my statements in the last paragraph).


A summary of my experience with my Yoga Tab 2 (830F) on Lollipop:


Starting out with KitKat, I went through the OTA upgrades all the way to the first Lollipop install.

After the Lollipop upgrade, I performed a reset to factory settings, using the function provided in the “settings” app, as the step from KitKat to Lollipop was a major change of the operating system and I wanted to make sure not having to deal with any residual bits and bytes from KitKat.

My Yoga is currently running with the latest (December 2015) upgrade.

Every single upgrade, within the original KitKat, from KitKat to Lollipop, and then within Lollipop went without a hitch. I never had a data loss or any other immediate problem.


I’d like to comment on some statements I have read from other community members related to their experience with Lollipop.


- Unstable WIFI or difficulties to establish connection (authentication problems):

I just recently changed my router, so I have experience with an older Belkin model (plus range extender), and a new Netgear router. Both configurations have been / are dual band setups. The Yoga has always connected with zero problems to the 2.4Ghz band, and has probably had 2 or 3 hiccups with the 5Ghz band (authentication) which were always immediately fixed after briefly turning WIFI off in the tablet, and then on again. Once connected, I have never had a dropped connection, and I have been streaming internet video through a 5GHz connection to the tablet and from there through a 2.4Ghz connection to a Netgear Push2TV connected to my TV for hours at a time.


- Charging times:

They are absolutely what I would expect them to be. I had one situation where charging was slow – it turned out to be the USB plug not properly seated in the charger, which probably lead to the tablet not properly identifying the charger as capable of providing 2A instead of 500mA.


- Screen flickering:

I have no issue with screen flickering whatsoever.


Recently, after the last update, I decided to set up a second account on my Tab 2. That attempt was not successful and caused the “settings” app to force close every time I tried. There is a separate post about that issue. The problem was finally solved by performing another factory reset, this time through the recovery, though. I will never know whether the problem had ever existed, had I reset the device through recovery the first time, or whether it simply took 2 resets to sort everything out. Additional accounts (and everything else) work without problems now.


My only beef with my current tablet configuration is battery life. I unfortunately did not really keep track of power consumption while still on KitKat, but it feels like the battery life on Lollipop is not what it was then (which is in line with posts from other community members).

I also own a first generation Yoga 8 and, based on my experience with that tablet, the battery life was right where Lenovo claimed it to be. I could easily browse the web for more than 12 hours on a single battery charge (Lenovo claimed 13h). On my Tab 2 (with my browsing habits not having changed and power saving features turned on) I’m lucky to get about 8 hours’ worth of browsing before I must connect to a charger. This is not necessarily a “bad” figure, but not even close to what Lenovo claims (10.63h), and a far cry from the first generation. And yes, I do understand that the new tablet is more powerful than the old one was, but I had trusted that to be reflected in the reduced battery life specs provided by Lenovo. The biggest power hog appears to be the display, but maybe there is a chance with improved scheduling to bring down the power consumption of processor and GPU a notch and improve the battery life by a few percent in the process. Maybe another update from Lenovo … ? Until then, the battery life claims Lenovo publishes while knowing that, following the manufacturer provided upgrades, there is no chance of even getting close to those figures, could be construed as false advertising.

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Re: Yoga Tablet 2 series Android 5 Lollipop experiences and problems

Great post and in line with my experience, with less resets however. Only recent issue which resolved itself was a difficulty awakening from sleep. Your comments about the battery is bang on the money. I love my gen 1 and gen 2 Yogas. Preference is the gen 1 for battery life and I think I prefer a larger screen.

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