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Yoga and Bluetooth tethering

I have just purchased a Yoga 10 (B8000-F).  I'm getting used to it, but so far so good. 


I'm trying to use Bluetooth to tether it to my phone for internet connectivity while away from WiFi.  I have a Samsung Galaxy 3, and the two devices will pair properly, but the Yoga does not seem to have the right bluetooth profile for network connectivity (or i'm not smart enough to find it - it could happen).  As a side note, the GS3 tethers properly with my wife's iPad - eliminating that device from the equation. 


Any thoughts on how to make the Yoga take advantage of Bluetooth internet connectivity?


Thanks for any help (and Merry Christmas!)

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Re: Yoga and Bluetooth tethering

Not all Android devices support network connectivity over bluetooth.  I don't know whether the Yoga 10 does or not.


If it does, here's a good article on how to set up bluetooth tethering.  The article describes tethering a Nexus 7 to a Galaxy Nexus, but the process should be the same for you, with your GS3 taking the place of the GNex, and your Yoga taking the place of the N7:


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