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Ok so I had enough...this is the result.

2010-09-11, 1:59 AM

Hey everyone. I post on here from another name pretty often but I don't want to post from that name since i would like to still be a part of the community and help out yet I would like to vent my complete frustrations with my Moto Backflip without a flame war.

So as everyone with a Backflip knows waiting for this update to come is just get stupid. I read the posts everyday about when the phone may get it and I can tell everyone is getting really tired of the run a round. I can tell you that my Backflip, as cool and useful as it can be sometimes it really is a device that lacks that WOW factor that I'm sure many of us thought we were buying. One example is the HTC Aria which was released shortly after the Backflip and well, is a much better device. Now I really like the build of the Backflip, I love the keyboard and I love the solid, sturdy feel the phone has. But as many of you have come to find out especially if this is your first touch screen phone, you may catch yourself using the onscreen keyboard more often then the actual keyboard. You may also notice that even though the camera has a flash, it really doesn't help much (though the LED flash itself is great if you download the Backflip Flashlight App). I got my wife a Aria shortly after I upgraded my BB to the Backflip. Using both side by side there is no doubt the Backflip is no match for even the little Aria. The lag on the Backflip just scrolling contacts is enough to notice and running more then one App in the background is enough to grind the phone to a hault. I was totally angry with my Backflip once I spent some time with the Aria.

Simply I had enough. The constant reboots, lag, sluggish response to touch, poor selection of apps (including even the new FB app), poor battery life, issues with Motoblur and many more little things that add up over months of use. I really was no longer impressed with what I thought was going to be a brand new, stylish phone that would keep me happy for the length of my contract. Well it didn't even for 4 months.

The last straw was once I saw the Update schedule had changed in the announcement on our discussion board. I really lost it when i realized it would take even longer to get 2.1 and even then simple things like pinch to zoom or even the Lite version of Flash may not work on our phones which no one seems to give a definitive answer to. Mark has answered some questions but many of them seem to be rather vague and I don't blame him since anything he says he is ultimately held accountable for, wrong or right.

So what options did I have? Well, I could have waited until whenever the update hits and even then I'm still stuck with a inferior phone, I could have cancelled my contract and paid large fees and switched to Verizon or Sprint, I could have upgraded to a iPhone4 for $399 but really who wants a phone that has a serious issue with reception like the iPhone4, I don't want to cover my new great looking phone with a cheap rubber bumper. Its like buying a new car that looks great only when its dark out. My next option was either a full price no contract HTC Aria or Samsung Captivate, both of which are well over $500. So I broke down and bought a Samsung Captivate.

Now I know many of us don't have that kind of cash laying around to just drop on another phone when the one we have does most of the things this very expensive phone does. I had a hard time justifying it as well but just consider this, your going to have to carry this phone everyday for the next 2-years, why would you want a phone that is already outdated the moment or shortly after its release. Now I know everything gets old fast especially in the cell phone world but we deserve a phone that should work well and keep us satisfied for Id say at least a year. Now I know my new Captivate may even be outdated and old by the end of the year since Samsung may be releasing Dual-Core phones the early next year but at least I have a phone that will continue to be fast and responsive, updated and stylish for the foreseeable future. I may even see 2.2 by the end of the month. I know that 2.2 may never come to the Backflip and that's sad because if it did the Backflip might be one heck of a great phone. But right now as you all know its not, not at all.

Many of you love your Backflip and that's great, I did at first as well. Many of you don't seem to have the problems many of us had or have. But if you have spent much time on this forum you would know that the Backflip has many flaws, many more then one would expect especially from Motorola since they make great equipment. I just couldn't take it anymore, I use my phone everyday, all day and I just couldn't take the problems. Now I'm no Samsung fanboy but really there is only three choices for high-end devices on At&t, iPhone4, Captivate or the Torch. All these phones are vastly different but I like Android and there's only one to get if you can afford it and its the Captivate.

Needless to say I have a Moto Backflip now that I don't need or want, it was bought 6 months ago and is still like new. Looking to pick one up cheap, PM me and we will talk.

2010-09-10 20.52.22.jpg

Sorry for the long post but I had to vent, I hope you guys have more luck then I did and I still like Motorola just not the Backflip so much. P.S I dont seem to have any issue with my GPS on the Captivate and the picture was taken with my new Captivate ;(

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