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What's DOS?
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Dear moto's administrators and managers Why Taiwan version backflip me600 can't upgrade 2.1

Why is the Taiwan version of the BACKFLIP ME600 now can not update the 2.1 version of then why only the U.S. ATT's to update it!! It is not fair nor reasonable MOTO importance of individual countries is not only attach importance to the American consumer spending is really really very inhumane acts MOTO get out of Taiwan, a little anyway, at least not how we are better than you it will enable us to update the HTC will give us the best HTC SENSE MOTO very stingy not even a MOTOBLUR and 2.1 do not give us!! I'm really angry Zaozhidaojiu spent the money do not buy the product MOTO also received such treatment as the other HTC Apple Samsung will upgrade to the basic phone is not only important MOTO super slow not only upgrade and very lightly can only say that you really are a rotten company manufacturers to deceive consumers MOTO I can not buy the things that you upgrade seems to be that you did not even die in the same culture to at least 2.1 in English This upgrade can not do that even I do not know whatcha MOTO ah this company can really rotten to the explosion of a company, I hate you MOTO! we want is not the real answer has been evading!! why the United States, ATT users do not wait!! we must have been so unfair A super version 1.5, you know how hard to use up Mount he did was a disaster!! it can not be any fun how the game under the speed is very slow!! you see for yourself MOTO U.S. officials update their content to what is

BACKFLIP - What's new in 2.1

What changes should I expect after upgrading my BACKFLIP to Android ™ 2.1 (Eclair)?

You'll have more Home screens, resizeable widgets, and widgets for toggling wireless connections.

Check out all the great things you'll be able to do after the update!

Have more than one window open in the browser? Switch between them by swiping side to side.

After the update, you'll have more space on your Home screen, and more ways to customize it:

You'll have 7 screens to make your own.

Resize your widgets! You can make them larger or smaller. They also rearrange easily when you drag them to new locations on your Home screen.

Customize your Happenings and Messaging widgets by selecting the updates and messages you want to display.

Have a few people who you always call or email or text? The new Contact quick tasks widget lets you put a picture of a contact on your homescreen and assign quick actions for that contact. So, with one touch you can call their cell or home phone, or start a text message. Talk about instant access! Resize the widget and you can add even more actions / quick tasks.

The update includes other great features too:

Use widgets to toggle Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi on and off; connect when you need to, turn it off to save your battery.

Save a quick note on your Home screen with the Sticky Note widget.

Try out these improved widgets: Calendar, Photo, Date and Time, Weather.

Exchange now has Global Address Lookup, address history lookup, and Push ActiveSync. And now you can multiselect emails (if you want to delete a bunch at once, for example).

Oh, these updates is that the other will use this is an idiot with a bad bad thing, I really do not understand the difficulties you update the upgrade so the engineers MOTO blazing in that waiting for things to get money? And do not mean to not even a 2.1 to 2.3 did not motoblur only say that because system operators can not handle!! I think there are excuses why milestone2 motoblur it? HTC is a listing of each country has HTCsense Ah!! not would say the problem is the system provider!! no ability to direct that the reasons do not make excuses again and again!! we want is the answer when the 2.1 update is not called and when we find that consumers themselves have not been updated!! you If powerful enough to say that you buy for consumers MOTO each update only do I not see you I can create several milestone!! we all know it will not buy the 2nd such bad service bad quality!! only say so to review the best friends will not do I will only say ah!! we have to answer to when the update is not as second-class citizens!! U.S. ATT users can why the other countries No update on!! no reason

So quick update to say the time this is the answer I want to stop waiting for us!!!I just want to know when we can get updated version 2.1 or higher!! because we have to wait MOTO for updates2.1 to 1 year !!, but we never get new software updates!! such a company we believe in MOTO ? also with continued support for MOTO? Because MOTO treated so consumers outside the United States continue to find excuses and reasons!! Why APPLE IPHONE can update the global MOTO can't do !! Why HTC can do HTC SENSE to make the world's HTC SENSE Consumers are also entitled to services MOTO can't do !! Why SAMSUNG can to try to update the 2.2 version of I9000 at about the same time to the global MOTO can't update version only 1.5 (backflipME600) to 2.1 version!! look to long-term perspective in fact spending our brains that are splinter Already know the next time we buy a smart phone which company can choose which company can't choose !! Because we all know what company we can believe it !!

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Re: Dear moto's administrators and managers Why Taiwan version backflip me600 can't upgrade 2.1

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