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Wallpaper problems

Everytime I set my wallpaper, despite editing the selected image i wish to display i.e. wallpaper settings>picture/wallpaper gallery>select image>crop, the image displayed as my wallpaper is always a PART of the edited image. The entire edited image can never be displayed. eg. I wanted a 'Justice League' wallpaper, so I saved the image and edited it so that what I cropped, I wanted. In my current wall paper I am only seeing half of the image . Help!

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Re: Wallpaper problems

Here are some links to information on how wallpapers work in Android:

Here are more than 40 wallpapers that work with the Backflip:

The backflip wallpaper is 640 horizontal  by 480 vertical. I have found the best way to create a wallpaper if to crop an existing picture to a multiple of 640x480 and then scale the pic to 640x480. I use a picture editor on my computer, either GIMP (on linux) or IrfanView (on Windows).

The wallpaper covers all five screens the part that shows moves when you move from screen to screen, but does not move the full width of the screen. You have to experiment to get a wallpaper that works. You can never view the full image on one screen.

I have  found that the selection/crop box that you get in the picture gallery works better than the one you get when you use the select wallpaper from the menu or by long pressing. When viewing an individual picture press menu and select More, then Set as, then Wallpaper.

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