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SIM Card Disabled.... Need Unlock Code - or Do I Need a New SIM Card?

Hi - I was an idiot checking out my phone late Friday night and checked out Settings->Location & Security and went down all the way to SIM card lock. My phone is running the latest Android upgrade for this model of MB300 Motorola BackFlip MotoBlur, I guess is that is Android 2.1?

I went to where it says Set up SIM card lock.

I went to where it say Lock SIM card (require PIN to use phone) and it asked for PIN number and I entered my own PIN number and then I thought it asked for my to re-enter to confirm new PIN and then it was locked. Then I couldn't turn the lock off, and I got to a screen when it timed out where it said that I had the option of a PUK code. I was not sure what this was, but I entered my code I thought I made, and then it asked for me to create a new code, which I did, and then it asked me to re-enter the code to confirm. I did this, and every time it said INVALID CODE ENTRY or something. So I tried other things. I tried guessing what the PUK code is. I emailed my parents at this point because it said I could get the PUK code by calling Customer Care. But I didn't think to reboot my phone and dial out. I tried to keep guessing. Eventually it said SIM Card has been DISABLED. And now I only can make emergency calls.

I found a place on the Internet that will give the unlock codes to a SIM Card if you have the IMEI number of the phone, which I have, and the model. I entered in the model and the IMEI number to see if they had it on file, which they said to do before "ordering" .... which I was suspicious of. They found my unlock number, they said, for what I entered. They just want my name, address, etc, and will let me pay using credit or debit through Pay Pal. It costs $7.99 to get the code.

I am not really happy about spending $8 what I can get for free if I go to a local AT&T store with technicians and technical help, which will do it for hello, FREE?, because I pay $5/month on phone insurance anyway, which by now on this P.O.S. phone, ought to have paid for it plenty of times..... but I secretly want to take it in to the closest DEVICE SUPPORT CENTER, which I have a referral form to go to (but that one is a 2.5 hour one way trip on public transportation, unfortunately, compared to just an hour or so to a tech store to give me a new SIM Card) and see if I can get this BackFlip swapped out for a SideFlip while I am at it.

  • What is the chances of that? Of just whining enough about the BackFlip to even get a SideFlip? Isn't that what the SideFlip is made for? To make up for the BackFlip? (^_*)?
  • Anyone know how to unlock the SIM Card once it has been disabled? Or does Disabled mean NOT EVER usable for the rest of its use/life? That's all I need to know now. Mainly.
  • And secondly, as an aside, if anyone has had luck swapping this mofone out for a SideFlip and what their thoughts were of the Motorola SideFlip vs the BackFlip as far as Memory and the Android O/S and the MotoBlue version... etc. The usual. Comparisons?

The tech store I mainly use is closed on Sundays (to get a new SIM card), so I can't go today afterall. So instead I am hoping to get an answer on this forum. So please post anything you know that could help me for FREE get this MOFONE FIXED and the SIM card re-activated or re-enabled. And it's too late in the day to travel to the DEVICE SUPPORT CENTER. So boo hoo. I am screwed. I wish I had a car and not a nice eco-friendly bike.

PS - I READ ONLINE THAT THE PUK CODE FOR THIS PHONE IS ALWAYS 1111, but I think they were referring to the MiFi device that came up, not the MB300 BackFlip.... so I don't know if the PUK Code is universally 1111 or what, but it is NOT working. What could it be? Is it unique to my phone and IMEI? THANK YOU!!!


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Re: SIM Card Disabled.... Need Unlock Code - or Do I Need a New SIM Card?

If the SIM Card is disabled then your best bet is to get a new one. AT&T gives them for free, but there is not much else y ou can do. Locking SIM cards is a security feature to protect your account as a sim is tied to a phone number.

Other unlocks forsale online are for carrier unlocks - unlocking a phone to use with a different carrier.The unlock that requires an IMEI is to unlock for a different carrier - it won't help with SIM disabled.

If you could easily unlock a SIM card,then anyone could steal your phone and bypass the SIM lock. As far as i know, once the SIM is disabled you need a new one.

But the good news is that AT&T gives new ones for free.

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Re: SIM Card Disabled.... Need Unlock Code - or Do I Need a New SIM Card?

Contact your service provider,get trustworhty unlock code.

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Re: SIM Card Disabled.... Need Unlock Code - or Do I Need a New SIM Card?

does it cost to get a new sim card through cricket wireless?