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What's DOS?
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Re: Upgrade to 2.1 -- official thread for problems, questions

I just called AT&T and they sent me a different phone. The upgrade is horrendous!!

What's DOS?
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Re: Upgrade to 2.1 -- official thread for problems, questions

Good Morning... Im from philippines... i got my motorola backflip in december 10, 2010... it runs with android 1.5.... updated it to 2.1 but i don't remember when... but a few years ago...


My Problem is:

Before i update my video quality is superb... i have a video recorded before i updated my phone... but after i updated the phone... it never had any problems... except for the camera resolution... taking picture is not a problem... but when i record a video it becomes pixalated when it is being play back... even if i transfer it to my desktop and play it thru other media player it still pixelated...


i tried running the good quality video before i update the phone and it is superb in quality even if i transfer and play it to my desktop... but after the update... everytime i record the video it becomes super low in quality.... hope you can help me... i believe i already posted my problem a couple or a year ago... but i could'nt find the thread anymore... i love my phone... i know its not defective in its hardware... because if it is... then how come i could still capture hight quality pictures...


hope someone can help me please.... i just want to fix my phones video quality... just like before... if it is the updates crappy problem then at&t should find a way to have a downgrade software for customer satisfaction... because i waited long for this uppdate to happen then after installation it shows bugs... or maybe atleast they should make an update to fix the bugs...


P.S. help would be much appreciated...