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How to fix? Bootloader 09.12 Error:A5,90,35,00,3D

2014-04-22, 14:43 PM

Hello everyone,

I have a problem , trying to update my son MB520 Bravo from AT&T, I roteed it with SuperOneClick, then put you the ROM (MIUI-Kobe-2.4.20) in the SD and through a recovery (2ndInitDefy_2.3) I tried to update it but the process fail and the device is return to me the message:



Error: A5,90,35,00,3D

Baterry OK

OK to program

Connect USB

Googling I found a tutorial to retrieve the device through an application called RSD Lite 4.9 (run as administrator) but after installing the drivers for 64-bit (I have Windows 8) and get the SBF file:

JORLA_U3_3.4.2_108-7_SIGNED_USAJORDMR1B15CLABRLA019.0R_JORLAFROCLABRL A_P009_A014_M002_HWp3_Service1FF from; and following the steps the process also fails and I get this message on the phone:

Critical Error:



Looking more in detail to see what message gives me the RSD; I get this info:


Technology: N / A

Software Version: N / A

Flex Version: N / A

Bootloader Version: v0x000912

DRM Version: N / A

AP Die ID: 17600307644a5f010000d8ff0200

BP Die ID: 0000000000000000000000000000

AP Public ID: 9e875f4b788f54084dc17d34cc555420567379bc

BP Public ID: 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000

Filename: JORLA_U3_3.4.2_108-7_SIGNED_USAJORDMR1B15CLABRLA019.0R_JORLAFROCLABRL A_P009_A014_M002_HWp3_Service1FF.sbf

Creation Date: 11/15/2011 18:16:45

File size: 378288514

RAM DL Version: v0x000910

Bootloader Version: -------------

Platform: 4G OMAP

HAB Type: Signed Production

After try to run the flash process I get this mesagge:

Failed flashing process. Error sending JUMP command Device API Error: 0xE0020047

I really apreciated any help or support to get back the phone

Thanks a lot in advance.

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