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ESXi 6.0u3 Custom Image throws information messages every minute on hosts

2017-11-29, 21:06 PM

We're seeing informational messages once per minute on our hosts running the custom 6.0u3 image.


"dcui@ logged in as"

"dcui@ logged out"


This is due to a cron job that runs /etc/cim/lenovo/refresh.sh every minute. 


This doesn't effect hosts that were originally installed using 6.0u2. When I manually ran refresh.sh on 6.0u2 if gave a couple errors, so I don't think it even runs like it is supposed to.


I think refresh.sh is part of a VIB, which means even if we updated ESXi through vCenter, those original Lenovo VIBs remain at whatever level they were at in the custom image.


I was able to comment out the line in the crontab file and refresh.sh is no longer running and the messages went away.


My question is, what does this file do, are we going to have any issues? We aren't using any IBM/Lenovo integration software or plugins.


A side question would be is there a way to update this file on multiple hosts somehow or some other way to disable the messages?


The servers are Hx5's which aren't technically supported by the Lenovo 6.0u3 image, but I don't think that is the issue and everything else is running fine.


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Re: ESXi 6.0u3 Custom Image throws information messages every minute on hosts

2017-11-30, 2:08 AM

I would suggest that you can update your uEFI and iMM version if you do not have.


After that, please check the following link



The message is harmless to your system. Hope it can help


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Re: ESXi 6.0u3 Custom Image throws information messages every minute on hosts

2018-03-09, 6:29 AM

The issue was caused by VMware will print the log, if run ESXi command "esxcli". In previous Lenovo ESXi image, the script which run every minute and it calls esxcli command every time. The behavior been changed to only call VMware esxcli command when needed.

Please try to use latest VMware ESXi image within following link:


If it still not fix the issue, you may need to open a service ticket for further investigation.


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Re: ESXi 6.0u3 Custom Image throws information messages every minute on hosts

2018-03-15, 13:49 PM


I think we are experiencing the same thing on U2 and the repeated job eventually makes the host hang due to no kernel memory left.


Is it enough to install the Lenovo vib bundle to rectify this or do we need to push out the whole U3 image?


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Re: ESXi 6.0u3 Custom Image throws information messages every minute on hosts

2018-07-12, 3:09 AM

You may try to delete some Lenovo's folders. First, to download esxi log, then submit it to analyze, the analization link is http://www.vmcheck.net/


There is an example for your reference



To delete Lenovo's folder

concretejob                        600-4ACE26PUS                         Lenovo         VMwareAccepted      2018-04-26
filetrans                          600-4ACE26SUS                         Lenovo         VMwareAccepted      2018-04-26
fupb                               6.0-17A02A                            Lenovo         VMwareAccepted      2018-04-26
fwupdate                           600-4ACE26PUS                         Lenovo         VMwareAccepted      2018-04-26
immpassthru                        600-4ACE26UUS                         Lenovo         VMwareAccepted      2018-04-26
lnvcustomization                   6.0-34                                Lenovo         PartnerSupported    2018-04-26
pciinfo                            550-ESXI13FCN                         Lenovo         VMwareAccepted      2018-04-26


the command is
esxcli software vib remove vib_name
ex. esxcli software vib remove concretejob

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