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CLIQ: Did you create a MOTOBLUR ID with an or Email Addy? Read Here!

2010-03-26, 6:21 AM

I've noticed, some users, when setting up their Motorola CLIQ phone have used an or email address as their MOTOBLUR ID and or forum profile email address. You may have done this because you saw an example on the phone that said you needed to create MOTOBLUR ID like It was our mistake and a bad example. We've fixed it though so you shouldn't be seeing it anymore unless you have old software. On to the important stuff.

The MOTOBLUR ID is important. It gives you access to the MOTOBLUR Portal so you can Import contacts, locate your phone and remote wipe it in the event that it is lost or stolen. If you forget your password it also allows you to reset password by using your MOTOBLUR ID to mail you a password reset link. So I know some of you have got all your accounts set up and it would be a pain to start over now, but it is important that you go through the factory reset process before you get your phone even more setup. Please be aware that doing a factory data reset will clear out information on your phone. Please use apps from the Android Market if you would like to back information up. Your Memory card will not be affected during a factory data reset.

  1. Prior to performing a Factory Data Reset you should determine where your contacts are.
    1. To do this, go to Menu > Contacts > Menu(4 boxes) > Display Groups.
    2. Choose a group one at a time to determine where your contacts are currently located.
      • If your contacts are in Google or Corporate Sync they will be restored when you set the phone back up again.
      • If however your contacts are in MOTOBLUR addressbook they will not be restored as you'll be using a new MOTOBLUR ID. 
      • You can use an app from the Android Market ExportContacts to move your contacts to your SD card prior to the reset.
      • You may be interested in moving your contacts to Gmail. Visit for more information.

I recommend that your MOTOBLUR ID be your valid email address. You can avoid making a mistake again by using our MOTOBLUR Online Account Setup tool. After you have set up your account online. Go to Menu > Accounts > SD Card and Storage and then choose Factory Data Reset. This will bring you back to MOTOBLUR login screen. Make sure you are in WiFi* or 3G coverage when you sign back in again using the account you just created online.

If you did not use the Online Account Setup(Make sure you are in WiFi* or 3G coverage):

After your phone reboots then choose the option to create a new MOTOBLUR account. This time enter your valid email address to use as your MOTOBLUR ID. Please note your MOTOBLUR ID is an email address and not just a username. Also make sure that your email address is spelled correctly on the confirmation screen before you submit it and create a new account. When the setup is completed it will ask you to add accounts. By using your valid email address as your MOTOBLUR ID, this does not automatically set up that email account. You will still have to add your email account using Gmail, Yahoo! or Email.

Hopefully this helps someone. Please do not post questions in here. Rather just stop by and comment if it helped.


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